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A week in review 10/25/2017
Photo courtesy: Lady Gaga Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Alleged militants kill over 50 Egyptian security members - Suspected Islamist militants in Egypt shot and killed over 50 Egyptian security members. Those killed were participating in a raid on the militant’s hideout in the Western Desert. No groups have claimed responsibility for the attack and 15 militants also died during the attack. Egypt has been fighting Islamist militants in Sinai.


Chinese officials accused of plotting against President Xi Jinping - One of China’s top officials has accused numerous powerful members of the country’s government of plotting to seize power from President Xi Jinping. The officials were arrested, or placed in jail. Among those arrested was Xi’s former presidential aide, Ling Jihua, and a Chinese army general, Xu Caihou.


Gunman enters UK bowling alley, no one injured - Police in Nuneaton, England arrested a suspected gunman at a bowling alley. The suspect allegedly had a shotgun and took two hostages at the bowling alley. There were no injuries and police say they ended the incident with a “peaceful resolution.” Businesses around the area were put on lockdown during the incident. It is believed that the suspect knew a member of the bowling alley staff.

Journalist killed in car bomb Daphne Caruana Galizia was known for writing and accusing politicians of corruption in Malta on a blog, she was killed in a car bomb on October 16. Her death sparked a rally in which thousands of people gathered to demand justice for her death. The country’s President, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, was one of the top figures present at the demonstration.

Latin America

Brazil launches operation against pedophiles - Police across Brazil launched an operation against pedophiles and made 108 arrests. The operation took place across 24 states and police said the arrestees were people who were part of a ring that shared pornographic images of children. Arrestees included retired policemen, civil servants and people in charge of youth soccer programs.

Peru legalizes medical cannabis After Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski proposed the idea to legalize cannabis for medical use earlier this year and now the country’s Congress overwhelmingly supported the measure. Kuczynski proposed the measure after a group of parents were arrested earlier this year for distilling cannabis oil at home for children with cancer and epilepsy. Peru is now the sixth country in Latin America to legalize cannabis.

North America

Files on JFK will be released President Donald Trump tweeted he would allow the release of classified files on the assassination of former President John F Kennedy. The files will be opened by the U.S. National Archives on Oct. 26. Most documents regarding Kennedy’s death have been previously released and Congress ruled in 1992 that all files regarding the manner should be released within 25 years.

Former presidents gather for a relief concert - Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter all gathered together in Texas for a relief concert to provide aid for victims of hurricanes. The fundraiser raised $31 million for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Performances included Lee Greenwood and Lady Gaga.





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