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Week Of Special Interest 11/01/17
Photo courtesy: La Voz Staff Photo

By La Voz Staff

Denver, the most changed U.S. city in the past 10 years

What, exactly, has changed? Magnify Money looked at nine things in particular: Commute times, building permits, median age, employment rates, income, home prices, rent prices, crime rates and recent moves. Unsurprisingly, Denver’s biggest changes in the past 10 years have been in the area of housing. Rents have gone up 60 percent and home prices are up 35 percent, according to Magnify Money. That makes Denver numbers two and three for those particular metrics, respectively.

Colorado proposes new rules for oil-gas lines

Bruce Baizel of the Oil and Gas Accountability Project, which advocates for environmental and community protections from energy development, said the rules should require energy companies to remove all abandoned flow lines to prevent explosions like the one in Firestone. Removing them would also prevent the leak of any chemicals left in the lines, he said. The Colorado Petroleum Council, an industry group, is still reviewing the rules and had no immediate comment, Executive Director Tracee Bentley said.

New parking enforcement device being tested in Colorado

The parking boot that goes around your tire got its start right here in Denver, and now the next parking enforcement device is getting tested in Colorado. It’s a yellow suction device that attaches to your front windshield, called the Parking Barnacle, and the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office is using one. It takes 30 seconds to put on. Deputy Chris Dickey said the barnacle is more safe than the boot. The office uses the barnacle for DUIs, mainly. “If we arrest somebody on a rural county road and it’s going to be two, three hours sometimes before a tow truck can get out there and we don’t want that person coming back to the vehicle and driving away,” Dickey said.

Our Government

White House

President Trump applauds the Senate for passing its FY 2018 Budget Resolution and taking an important step in advancing the Administration’s pro-growth and pro-jobs legislative agenda. This resolution creates a pathway to unleash the potential of the American economy through tax reform and tax cuts, simplifying the overcomplicated tax code, providing financial relief for families across the country, and making American businesses globally competitive.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Hickenlooper joined a bipartisan group of 10 governors, urging Congress to move quickly and pass legislation to stabilize private health insurance markets and make quality health insurance more available and affordable. Senators Alexander and Murray have negotiated and developed a bipartisan agreement that will help achieve these goals. In the letter, the governors say the legislation deserves a vote by the House and Senate.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Hancock released Denver’s 2030 Mobility Action Plan, a set of strategic actions aimed at significantly improving multi-modal options for the city’s residents and visitors. To help implement the plan, Mayor Hancock also pledged to create a Multi-Modal Advisory Committee. The committee will offer important input on policies, programs, projects, priorities, financing and community engagement. It will be composed of no more than 20 members drawn from various interests, including bicycle riders, pedestrians, transit riders, vehicle drivers, people with disabilities and other mobility.





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