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A week in review 11/08/17
Photo courtesy:

By La Voz Staff


Red Cross confirms loss of aid money The Red Cross confirmed that $5m of aid money for West Africa during the Ebola crisis was lost to fraud and corruption. Overpriced supplies, fake bills and salaries for “aid workers” were found during an audit on the organization. The Red Cross says it is working toward stricter financial rules and it apologized for the loss of money.


In a letter to Congressman Ted Lieu Rear Admiral Michael Dumont said the only way to locate and destroy North Korea’s nuclear weapons with complete certainty is through a ground invasion. The letter was on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who directly advise President Trump on military issues. Lieu said the letter is “deeply disturbing” and said there are “no good military options for North Korea.”


Russian activists arrested - Last year Russian politician Vyacheslav Maltsev called for President Vladimir Putin to be impeached and said a revolution is on the horizon. Protestors believed to be associated with Maltsev were arrested while demonstrating against Putin in Moscow. Protestors were also detained in five other cities and some of them were carrying knives and pistols. The protestors are believed to have been released without charge.

French woman’s body found in woodland - French woman Alexia Daval disappeared while jogging and her body was found in woodland near the French town of Gray. Her autopsy revealed she was strangled and her body was severely burnt. Women across France are honoring her by hosting symbolic runs in numerous cities. Police have yet to identify a suspect.

Latin America

Colombia aims to halt cocaine production - Colombia has reached a $300m agreement with the United Nations with the hopes of reducing the production of cocaine. The agreement allows farmers to be compensated if they switch from growing cocaine to other crops. Colombia’s government says armed groups have challenged the agreement. The United Nations called the agreement an opportunity to halt Colombian cocaine production.

Former Chile agent arrested - Reimer Kohlitz, a secret service agent in Chile, has been arrested for human rights abuse. Kohlitz has been on the run since 1984 when he allegedly killed two activists. The former secret service agent was detained during an anti-drugs operation near Argentina. Kohlitz worked as a secret service agent when Chile was being led by General Augusto Pinochet.

North America

Kevin Spacey sacked off Netflix - Actor Kevin Spacey is facing multiple sexual assault cases and his Netflix producers are distancing themselves from him. Spacey starred in the popular House of Cards show and Netflix announced it was suspending the production of it. Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp was among those who alleged that Spacey tried to “seduce” him when he was 14.

Report on climate released - The Climate Science Special Report, composed by US government scientists, says it is “extremely likely” that human activity is quickly changing the climate and it warns of consequences for the world. The report calls the current climate “the warmest in the history of modern civilization.” The White House responded to the report and said the climate is “always changing.”





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