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Trump formula for winning by losing

By David Conde

Did you hear the latest on the advertised tax cuts for the middle class? It turns our that up to 25 percent of that group will see a tax increase if the current legislation goes through.
Both Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader and the Speaker, Representative Paul Ryan, had to back peddle and admit that their guarantees that no one in the middle class would have their taxes raised are no good. What is really happening is that the middle class tax cut is masquerading as a front for an almost 20 percent tax-rate cut to corporations and even includes a break for golf course properties that appears tailor-made for you-know-who.
In referring to the followers of Donald Trump, the Clinton campaign coin the term “Deplorables,” and, instead of rejecting it the Trump campaign then and the President and his people now embrace it. Another name for this group is “losers,” one of Trumps favorite sayings and one he rode to success both in business and politics.
As a business man, Trump companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection 6 times and had much of his debt wiped out and his creditors most often were left holding the bag. A little over a year after he opened the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in April 1990 he filed for bankruptcy and a year after that in 1992 his two other casinos declared bankruptcy.
In 2004 the Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts filed for bankruptcy again and in 2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts also declared bankruptcy. Altogether, his 6 bankruptcies cost investors 4.7 billion dollars while, at the same time, creating a fortune for Trump valued closed to what his fellow investors lost.
When Trump decided to enter the race for President, he chose to go to the gutter in his approach to capitalize on the cultural fears many Americans felt as a result of the Great Recession, the emerging global economy and the visible change in our demographics that is seeing minorities, particularly Latinos, assume a higher profile nationally. He fashions himself a “loser” that has made that status in business very successful and is preaching to his constituents who fear losing political and cultural power that they can turn history back to a time when they were on top.
He ran in the Republican primary in 2016 as a candidate that did not “belong” among the slate of luminaries and won the nomination. He developed a core of believers amounting to a third of the voters and squeezed a victory over a very flawed Hilary Clinton trying to make history as the first woman President.
As a candidate Trump lied and bullied his way to the presidency and as President has lied and bullied his contemporaries to the point that many here and abroad are going on without him. His America First agenda threatens to leave our country alone and isolated with no “deals” in sight.
By attacking those around him, President Trump has endangered his legislative agenda beginning with the repeal of Obamacare. In addition, he now endangers his corporate tax cut that he is selling as a middle class tax relief.
Yet, it has been the history of the President to win by losing in his business dealings and win by making others feel as losers whose fortunes he promises to turn around in the political arena. At the very least, he stands to enrich his personal fortune by the proposed changes to the tax code and by consistently defending his friend Putin.





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