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A week in review 11/22/17
Photo courtesy: Rob Jones Journey Facebook

By Joseph Rios


British woman arrested for drug charges in Egypt - Laura Plummer, a British woman, is being held in Egypt for alleged drug smuggling charges. Plummer was arrested for entering Egypt with 300 Tramadol tablets. The drug is a legal painkiller in Britain, but it isn’t in Egypt. It could be a while if Plummer is released as Egyptian trials are known to be a lengthy process. Plummer is currently being held in a cell at a police station.


Video showing abuse at day care center in China surfaces - A disturbing video of toddlers being abused in a Chinese day care surfaced the internet and was viewed over eight million times. The video showed a woman push a little girl into a table where the girl hit her head. Parents whose children attended the day care say they found injuries on their children and the video was released after the parents demanded to see the day care’s security cameras.


Riots sprout in Brussels after Morocco clinches World Cup spot - After Morocco won to qualify for the World Cup of soccer, celebrations sprouted all across Brussels. Moroccans make up four percent of Brussels’ population and the celebrations left 20 police officers were injured. At least one car was burned during the celebrations while local shops were looted. Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon tweeted that the riots were “unacceptable aggression.

Swedish radio station hacked by the Islamic State - One of Sweden’s most popular radio stations was interrupted by an Islamic State recruitment song, “For the Sake of Allah.” The song was played on the radio station for nearly 30 minutes and the hosts of the radio were unaware of it. It is believed the radio station was interfered with by someone who used a pirate transmitter.

Latin America

U.S. imposes more sanctions on Venezuela - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the country will impose sanctions on ten Venezuelan officials. Mnuchin criticized Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and that the officials be banned from traveling to America. American businesses are forbidden to work with the officials and the officials’ U.S. assets will be frozen.

Mexico condemns execution of Texas prisoner - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has accused the United States of ignoring human rights after a Mexican nationalist received a lethal injection in a prison in Texas. The man was on death row for kidnapping, raping and murdering a 16-year-old in 1997. Pena Nieto tweeted that the execution “violates the ruling of the International Court of Justice.” The United States is required to notify Mexican authorities about the arrest of Mexican nationalists and didn’t do so.

North America

Texas gunman’s ex-wife speaks out In an interview with CBS News, the former wife of the Texas church gunman Devin Kelley, Tessa Brennaman spoke about what life was like with him. She says that he abused her and her family and made threats to kill her. Kelley was a member of the United States Air Force and he plead guilty to fracturing the skull of Brennaman’s son and he plead guilty to choking, hitting and kicking Brennaman.

U.S. veteran finishes his 31st marathon with prosthetic legs - Rob Jones lost his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan when he was serving as a U.S. Marine. However, he hasn’t let that stop him from running 31 marathons. Jones wears prosthetic legs and runs to raise money for veterans. Jones won a bronze medal for rowing at the Paralympics in 2012 and he biked over 5,000 miles from Maine to California in 2013.





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