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Student of The Week 12/20/2017
Photo courtesy: University of Colorado

By La Voz Staff

CU Boulder students helped solve a mystery

A small, shoebox-sized satellite built by students at the University of Colorado Boulder has found the answer to a space riddle that has eluded scientists for decades. The now-solved mystery involved the origins of energetic electrons in Earth’s radiation belts, known as the Van Allen belts. It turns out those electrons likely come from cosmic rays that are created in supernova explosions. “We are reporting the first direct detection of these energetic electrons near the inner edge of Earth’s radiation belt,” said Professor Xinlin Li. “We have finally solved a six-decade-long mystery.” The discovery is important because it gives scientists a better understanding of the energetic electrons, which can damage satellites orbiting Earth and could be dangerous to astronauts on space walks, Li said.

Record high in Denver, but snow in forecast

Denver tied the record high for December 12th with a temperature of 69 degrees, matching the mark last set way back in 1895! The JET STREAM winds have been steering the storm track well to the north and east of Colorado, leaving us with warm, dry weather.  it has been 65 days since Denver officially reported measurable snow. Another, slightly stronger cold front will arrive Saturday afternoon and early Sunday with colder temperatures and a chance for more light snow for Denver and a few inches of snow for the mountains. Cover yourself as the weather changes - Storm Shield App. In addition, Storm Shield PLUS can provide important information about approaching severe weather. Go to or call 877-438-4977 for more information or text to word SHIELD to 21000.

Denver opens three new homeless shelters

Officials say the three new homeless shelters that have recently opened in Denver are aiming to be more welcoming to the homeless by offering more amenities.The Denver Rescue Mission’s Holly Center, Catholic Charities’ Samaritan House Women’s Shelter and a new city-owned facility have increased the number of available shelter beds to about 1,800 from about 1,500 last year. Denver Human Services officials say the new unnamed city facility can accommodate 300 men, and it replaces the Peoria Emergency Overflow Shelter. The new building offers charging stations and showers, and officials say other improvements will be made through the next year.

Our Government

White House

President Trump signed a directive on December 11 that puts human’s exploration back to the moon at the core of America’s space program. That project won’t happen overnight. But there was a clear place to start. President Trump announced he would reconvene the National Space Council for the first time in 24 years, “This time, we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint. We will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to Mars.”

Colorado Governor

Governor Hickenlooper and his team have built innovative, strategic public–private partnerships to make Denver and Colorado healthier, more economically The Office of Community Partnerships drives the implementation of special initiatives, projects, fundraising, and events, with an emphasis on forging public–private partnerships to engage new resources and perspectives in advancing Governor Hickenlooper’s vision for Colorado. The team raises funds, builds crosssector partnerships, provides project management, and creates volunteer engagement opportunities across the state.

Denver Mayor

“Last Monday was a great example of how we are working together to help our residents from across the region get to where they need to go. Denver will help City Government of Commerce City fund improvements to a mile-long stretch of Tower Road from 80th Ave. to Tower/Pena. The project will be completed by this time next year,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.





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