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Kroger sets sights on zero hunger, zero waste
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By Joshua Pilkington

An ambitious community-oriented plan calls to end hunger and food waste

Part V of V

When the Kroger Co. began its Bringing Hope to the Table campaign during the holiday season of 2016, its primary objective was to end hunger through donations to local food banks.

“Kroger is a champion in fighting hunger across America,” said Erin Sharp, Kroger’s group vice president, manufacturing in a release. “Our associates help families put nutritious, wholesome food on their tables every day. That includes the families in our communities who struggle with empty plates.”

In Colorado, Kroger operates through King Soopers, Loaf n’ Jug and City Market and it is through those stores that shoppers will find quick and easy opportunities to make small donations that will help fight hunger in their local communities.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste

Bringing Hope to the Table is not the only initiative to end hunger that Kroger has made itself part of. The nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, Feeding America, counts Kroger and its family of stores as a founding member.

For 2017, Bringing Hope to the Table has taken on new life to include its Zero Hunger, Zero Waste initiative. Radio and television ads have been circulating recently as the company continues to amplify efforts to not only help local communities end hunger, but unnecessary waste as well.

“Millions of families came together to enjoy Thanksgiving,” said Jessica Adelman, Kroger’s group vice president of corporate affairs in a recent release. “Kroger and our family of stores love being a part of America’s Thanksgiving celebrations. At the same time, we acknowledge the absurdity that one in eight people struggle with hunger while 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. each year goes to waste. That just doesn’t make sense to us. And this season, we are grateful for our associates and trusted partners who are committed to doing something about it.”

Through Zero Hunger, Zero Waste Kroger aims to end hunger in its local communities and eliminate waste across its company by 2025. While figures show that across the U.S., 42 million Americans struggle with hunger, 72 billion pounds of food ends up in a landfill on an annual basis.

Media campaign

One of Kroger’s primary resources to get the word out regarding Zero Hunger, Zero Waste is through an aggressive media campaign, which strategically launched last month in the form of television and radio ads in key Kroger markets. The plan is to substantially increase customer awareness and engagement with the initiative. The campaign will continue to run through the holiday season in conjunction with store-level customer giving programs like Bringing Hope to the Table, which focus on benefiting local food banks and hunger-relief organizations.

“Our purpose is to feed the human spirit by uplifting each other, our customers and our communities,” Adelman said. “Kroger is inviting everyone who is passionate about feeding people and protecting the planet to join us in helping us realize our vision of zero hunger, zero waste.”

The Plan

In order to end hunger in its communities and waste within its company by 2025, Kroger has set out a plan. A large part of that plan includes consumer involvement and public policy solutions.

On the consumer aspect, Kroger wants to accelerate food donations to give 3 billion meals by 2025. In addition, the company has committed to not just donate more food, but more balanced meals as well.

From a public policy standpoint, Kroger plans to advocate for solutions that address hunger and help communities divert waste from landfills.

Kroger aims to achieve a prior goal of becoming a zero waste company by 2020 and has set the bar even higher by creating a goal to become a zero food waste company by 2025 in all stores across the company.

The ambitious plan requires the cooperation of the communities it seeks to help. To learn more visit





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