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A week in review 12/27/17
La Voz Photo

By Joseph Rios


Anti-gay sentiment rises in Tanzania - A rise in anti-gay sentiment in Tanzania occurred in 2017. Earlier this year authorities in Tanzania arrested 20 people for alleged homosexuality. Several women and men were arrested at a hotel where they were receiving education on HIV/Aids. Certain health clinics aren’t allowed to provide HIV/Aids services because Tanzania says it encourages gay sex.


U.S. and North Korea’s bad blood continues - North Korea and the United States engaged in rhetoric and threats throughout the year. President Trump visited the South Korean National Assembly where he said North Korea has “committed crimes against God and man.” North Korea conducted a variety of missile tests during 2017 and called Trump a “mad dog.”


UK proceeds with Brexit process The United Kingdom continues to deal with the fallout from Brexit. In June, 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union, and the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May has been leading the exit. May was against the UK leaving the EU, but says they now approve of the move because it is what the British people want.

Man contaminates food in Germany A man allegedly contaminated adult and baby food in Germany, and he was arrested by police. Stores across Germany received an email in September saying if they didn’t pay $13.8 million to the man then he would poison food all throughout Europe. Baby food with liquid that is used in anti-freeze was discovered, and police said the man refused to give his motives for the threat.

Latin America

Puerto Rico still suffering from hurricane - San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz spoke in a press conference earlier this year after Hurricane Maria left the country in devastation. Cruz asked President Trump to send out help or it will be “something close to a genocide” in Puerto Rico. Trump responded by telling Cruz she displayed poor leadership and said the United States is helping the country. Puerto Rico has been without full power for 94 days as of Dec. 22.

Peru says yes to medical
marijuana - Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski proposed the idea to legalize marijuana for medical use earlier this year, and the country’s Congress agreed with him. The country legalized marijuana for medical use after Congress overwhelmingly supported the measure. The measure was first introduced after a group of parents were arrested earlier this year for distilling cannabis oil at home for children with cancer and epilepsy.

North America

Women’s March kicked off 2017 Women gathered all across the country earlier this year the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Thousands of people marched through Denver and other places like the National Mall in Washington, D.C. carrying signs and wearing pink hats as a protest for human rights and equality.

Lakewood baker’s case goes to U.S. Supreme Court - The U.S. Supreme Court began the case involving a Lakewood, Colorado bakery that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. Jack Phillips, the baker, said he couldn’t serve the couple a wedding cake because of his religious beliefs, but he did say they can have any dessert they want. Colorado and the ACLU will argue for the couple in court.





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