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A week in review 01/03/18
Photo courtesy:

By Joseph Rios


Egypt executes 15 people - Fifteen militants were hanged in Egypt for attacking security forces in 2013. The militants killed soldiers and destroyed military vehicles in the Sinai Peninsula, an area that has seen multiple attacks from the Islamic State. The executions took place at the prisons where the militants were being held. It is the first mass execution in Egypt since 2015.


UK looks to help Rohingya refugees Over 600,000 Rohingya refugees have fled violence in Myanmar and British medical staff is traveling to help at refugee camps. Rohingya refugee camps are fighting an outbreak of diphtheria in Cox’s Bazar, an area close to Myanmar. Medical staff and firefighters will be in the area for six weeks. Diphtheria is extremely contagious and it can cause heart failure, paralysis and death.


Italy dissolves parliament as election approaches - Italy has dissolved Parliament as it prepares for an intense general election in March. Immigration will be a major topic this election for the country as Italy’s right-wing party wants tougher measures to halt immigration. Immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa have poured into Italy and early polls have Italy’s right-wing party holding the most voter support.

Explosive devices injures ten in Russia - One person was left in serious condition after an explosion at a supermarket in St. Petersburg. The explosion was identical to a blast from a TNT, and Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident a terrorist attack. The device was homemade, and no group has claimed the attack.

Latin America

Brazil rids Venezuela’s top diplomat - Brazil declared Venezuela’s senior diplomat in Brazil “persona non grata” after Venezuela expelled Brazil ambassador Ruy Pereira. Venezuela said it made the move to expel Pereira because it believes Brazil illegally impeached former Brazil President Dilma Rousseff. The countries’ relationship has soured since Brazil President Michel Temer took control.

Venezuela blames Portugal for pork shortage - Venezuelans gathered in Caracas to protest a pork shortage in the country. President Nicolas Maduro said Portugal intentionally failed to deliver pork in time for Christmas, but Portugal denied the accusations. Maduro has blamed other countries for Venezuela’s problems in the past. He previously said the United States is responsible for Venezuela’s economic crisis.

North America

Roy Moore challenges election results - Republican Roy Moore was defeated in Alabama’s senate election by Doug Jones, but he isn’t giving up yet. Moore filed a lawsuit to challenge the election results. He was expected to win the election, but child sexual misconduct allegations deeply hurt his campaign. Jones won the election by nearly 20,000 votes.

Douglas County deputy dies in shooting - Douglas County sheriff’s deputy Zackari Parrish was shot and killed during a shooting at an apartment complex in Douglas County on New Year’s Eve. Parrish and other officers were responding to a noise disturbance early in the morning when the gunman Matthew Riehl shot him. Riehl was shot and killed by SWAT during the encounter and four other law enforcement officers were injured as well as two civilians (neighbors).





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