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A final home for heroes
Photo courtesy: Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center

By Joshua Pilkington

Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Center makes finding a facility for veterans an easy choice

As the amount of veterans going into extended care and community living centers continues to rise, the need to find facilities with quality care is also on the rise.

“It can be difficult,” said Malcolm Washington, Jr., 44, Colorado Springs who was spent more than six months along with a Veterans Affairs social worker attempting to find the right care facility for his father, Malcolm Washington, Sr., after it was determined he was no longer able to provide solely for himself. “I had just helped send my daughter to school in Illinois and it felt like a similar experience. I had to make sure the situation was right for all of us and that he was going to be taken care of and provided for in a way that I didn’t have to worry about it on a daily basis.”

According to the Department of U.S. Veterans Affairs, there are several questions that each veteran along with his or her family, caregiver and social worker need to answer when searching for a care facility. Questions like how much assistance do I need for my activities of daily living (such as bathing and getting dressed); what are my caregiver’s needs; how much independence and privacy do I want; and how much can I afford to pay each month are all questions that veterans and their team of assistants need to consider.

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center in Walsenburg offers an ample on-site veterans community living center that includes expansive amenities to help Colorado’s veterans comfortably live out the final chapters of their lives.

The center is located on the high plains of Southeastern Colorado just three miles west of Walsenburg. At an altitude of 6,200 feet, the living center offers amazing views of the Colorado’s southern mountains while also providing cool summers and crisp winters.

“Amid peaceful scenery and beautiful gardens, these courageous residents enjoy the wonderful Colorado weather and amazing views of Spanish Peaks, Sangre de Cristo mountains and picturesque Lathrop State Park,” boasts a Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Center promotional video. “Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center is home to many men and women who have served our country. The home has received five-star recognition and is connected to Spanish Peaks Hospital, a level 4 trauma center as well as a helipad for prompt service.”

In addition to the scenery, residents also have access to a nursing staff that is available around the clock, seven days a week with dedicated bathing and hydration aides to ensure CNAs are always available to care for the residents’ needs.

Inside the facility, residents will also find an “Italian Village” themed mall that serves as a central gathering place. The village includes a remodeled barber shop, a multi-use space and the facilities’ Social Services Department.

Rates can be a big part of the challenge when looking for a living center for veterans, as Washington, Jr., found out while looking for a facility for his father.

“It was tricky,” said Washington Jr. “It reminded me a little of looking for a daycare. You wanted to find a good facility without spending away your kids’ college tuition before they turn five. We were fortunate to have a social worker helping us out.”

Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Center has one of the most economical daily rates in the nation for veterans, making it a good location for southern-dwelling veterans in need of a care facility.

They also offer private and semiprivate rooms for up to 120 people each with a contemporary architectural design, easily accessible bathrooms and showers along with large windows to take advantage of the multiple views from each room.

For more information on Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Center visit





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