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Dealing with a racist president
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

The racist rant by President Trump during a meeting to present a bipartisan solution to DACA puts special urgency to deal with an attitude that mostly reflects White nationalists’ attempts to take the country away from the majority. Donald Trump has effectively become the President of only the one third of Americans that agree with him.

Our history books tell us that the desire for a minority to rule the majority has in the past created great peril and tragedy. German hearts and minds are still paying for allowing a racist and his minority to take over and destroy their country.

The last major player of this type that America had to deal with was Saddam Hussein whose Sunni minority ruled Iraq and threatened the existence of all of those around him. Since then, Iraq has been destroyed twice, once by America and its allies and the other by Sunni ISIS that wanted something different.

Of course, there was a time in our own hemisphere where “Banana Republics” governed by dictators, military chiefs, oligarchs and elites dotted the political playing field of authoritarianism. The President is sending our country in that very direction in response to the adoration of those that see him as the Great White Hope.

It is true that once he showed his true colors as a would-be dictator and President for White and other people that agree with him, he exposed himself to opposition by the other two co-equal branches of government (Congress and the Judicial Branch) and most of all by the people themselves at the ballot box. However, the problem with relief that might be provided by the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) is that it is a reactive institution that will only intervene as a last resort and if it is asked in the form of a particular case and the problem associated with the Legislative Branch (Congress) is that it is controlled by the same political party that is led by the President.

So that leaves it up to the people from every group and every walk of life and work to take their case to the ballot box this November. A political party that tolerates and supports the agenda of a racist leader at the highest level of government does not deserve to govern even though it may be otherwise credible.

There is nothing noble about staying silent or saying benign things in opposition or downright support the spirit of racism. It is an obscenity and abomination to tolerate it.

Donald Trump has the right to govern as he was put into office by enough state electors that voted in his favor. It is also true that the Constitution protects his right to govern as a racist.

However, the politics of democracy allows for a people to right their own wrongs. We have an opportunity to do just that in the Congressional elections in November.

Colorado is generally well served by our political representatives in Washington because they understand among other things, that they represent a very diverse electorate that values our humanity, ecological landscape and quality of life. But some have dropped the ball in not calling out the President and making sure his agenda is not carried out until he fixes his behavior.

The Congressional elections this year cry out for a major change in tone to that which values all Americans. The people of Colorado have the responsibility to help by sending people to Washington that can bring about that change.





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