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A week in review 02/21/18
Photo courtesy: Rep. Ted Deutch Verified Twitter

By Joseph Rios


Former Liberian President recognized for leadership - Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s two terms has been recognized by the Mo Ibrahim Prize committee, and she was awarded $5 million for excellence in African leadership. The committee recognized her work for leading Liberia through a recovery period after years of civil war. Sirleaf is the first woman to win the award.

Ethiopia Prime Minister resigns With political turmoil surrounding Etiopia, the country’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has resigned from his position. He said he chose to step down with the hope that it would end unrest in the country. Ethiopia declared a national state of emergency the day after Desalegn’s resignation.


Uyghur Muslims are being detained in China - Uyghur Muslims are being detained in Xinjiang, China and are being sent to political education camps. There have been numerous violent incidents in Xinjiang recently and some Chinese officials have blamed Uyghur Muslims. Those who are sent to the camps have been forced to praise the Communist Party, learn Mandarin and other things, according to a report from CNN.

Man sentenced for rape/killing a six-year old - Imran Ali was given four death sentences at a court in Pakistan for raping and killing a six-year old girl. The little girl’s death sparked riots across the country, and Ali has been linked to the deaths of other girls. Protesters were angered by the girl’s death because they say that officials should’ve worked quicker to identify Ali as the rapist and killer.


Gunman kills five in Russia - While people were leaving a service at a Christian church in Dagestan, Russia, a gunman shot and killed five women and injured five others. The gunman was 22 years old, and the Islamic State group said it was responsible for the incident. There is no evidence that the gunman was linked to the group, and he was killed at the scene.

Huge sinkhole causes issues in Rome - Rome’s Balduina District suffered through serious distress when a sinkhole took numerous and caused buildings near it to be evacuated. The road sunk nearly ten meters according to a press release from local firemen. There were no injuries, and local media says complaints about roads in the district had been filed for months.

Latin America

Brazilian Army to oversee police in Rio de Janeiro - Brazilian President Michel Temer has said that gang violence in Rio de Janeiro is a cancer, and now the country’s government is taking action. Brazil’s Army will oversee police and other security forces after Temer said he felt like he had to take “extreme measures” to stop gang violence. Rio de Janeiro’s government said there has been a 26 percent increase in killings since 2015.

Oxfam set to face Haiti’s government - Oxfam, an international charity, released its internal investigation findings over allegations that its employees paid for sex in Haiti after an earthquake hit the area in 2010. The report revealed that three men accused of the allegations made physical threats to witnesses. Oxfam is set to present the report to Haiti’s government.

North America

Florida students planning protest- Students who survived the Florida school shooting are planning a national march in an effort to call for action on gun control. The march will be held on March 24th and major cities across the country are expected to participate. The Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 dead. It is the deadliest school shooting in the country since 2012.

Bannon/Comey meet over Russia Steve Bannon, the Former chief strategist to President Trump, met with special counsel Robert Mueller multiple times to discuss possible interference from Russia during the 2016 election. It is believed that Bannon has insight as to why FBI Director James Comey was fired by Trump. Trump, and Russian officials have denied any allegations of collusion.





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