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Gun Control
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By Ernest Gurulť

It happened again. Another school shooting. This time, in Florida. Death toll: seventeen, including fourteen young people. Weíre not inured to these real time bloodbaths, but weíre also no longer shocked. They capture the news cycle for a few days and we move on. We move on knowing itís the latest act of mayhem, not the last.

School crime scenes are now spoken of with nearly the same familiarity as hallowed American landmarks. Like Gettysburg or Antietam, today itís Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aztec, Sandy Hook, and now, Douglas High School. They are our modern day killing fields.

While schools are most often the target of crazed gunmen, we canít forget Aurora, Las Vegas, San Bernardino and Orlando. The common thread? Assault weapons, including the AR-15, a military clone.

Too often, the gruesome image of young bodies lying in their own blood, is addressed with thoughts and prayers, nothing to stem this red tide.

Perhaps if there were a Parents or Victims Lobby fattening lawmakerís coffers with kingís ransoms, something---or anything---would happen. But thatís not the world we live in.

But maybe somethingís changed. Young people---future voters---are seething, demanding more than empty homilies. These children owe nothing to gun lobbies and want lawmakers to act on Congressís shameful inaction. As their friends die in schools, they see too many lawmakers duck-and-cover rather than answer honestly basic questions about gun carnage. Theyíve seen them turn into ghosts instead of owning their indifference on assault weapons and bump stocks, the device that turns assault rifles into automatic weapons.

Any responsible lawmaker would not for an instant tolerate Formula One race cars on city streets. It would fly in the face of public safety. Yet, far too many are willing to sign off on anything a generous gun lobby pays them to do.

Itís 2018, well beyond the day of the musket. We need to talk, Madam or Mister Lawmaker. Thoughts and prayers are nice but not solutions. Take a stand with gun victims and not gun lobbies.





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