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A week in review 02/28/18
Photo courtesy: U.S. Navy by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Sean R. Morton

By Joseph Rios


Father calls for Nigeria to find missing children - Kachalla Bukar’s 14-year-old girl is believed to have been abducted by Boko Haram militants, and he is calling for the Nigerian government to take action. Militants entered a school and abducted 110 children in mid February, including Bukar’s daughter. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari called the event a “national disaster,” and Nigeria’s army is deploying extra troops and planes to search for the children.

Lions from abandoned zoos find new home - Two lions from abandoned zoos in Iraq and Syria have been transferred to a new facility in South Africa. The lions were picked up in Mosul, Iraq and Aleppo, Syria, two cities that were torn apart from war. Most of the other animals from the zoos died of starvation, or they were killed from bombs.


Bollywood actress found dead Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor died recently in her bathtub, and it was believed that she passed away from cardiac arrest at a wedding in Dubai. However, a new report suggests that she drowned in her bathtub after loss of consciousness. Her death left Bollywood actors and actresses shocked, and many of them went to Twitter to remember her legacy.

Van rams into middle school children - As middle school children were finishing school and gathering outside the school building, a van rammed into them. The vehicle crash killed nine people, and ten others were critically injured. The incident occurred in Bihar, India, and the driver was arrested as police investigate the incident.


Journalist found dead after controversial report - Martina Kusnirova had recently written about possible tax fraud involving luxury apartments in Slovakia. The journalist was recently found shot to death at his home, and police say it is most likely related to his report. Slovakia Minister Robert Kalinak was allegedly making business deals with a property developer last year, but he denied all accusations. Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico said it is an attack on freedom of speech if Kusnirova’s death is related to his report.

Homeless people to be detained in Brussels over cold weather Temperatures in Brussels are expected to significantly drop in the upcoming days, and homeless people could be detained if they refuse shelter. Officials said the homeless could be forced into shelters for their own protection. Homeless people will be seen by a doctor, and then they will find out if they can return to the streets following the check up.

Latin America

Ecuador’s “Pablo Escobar” extradited to the United States - Prado Alava had gained a reputation in Columbia as Ecuador’s Pablo Escobar, and he has now been extradited from Colombia to the United States. Alava is an Ecuadorean, and he is accused of smuggling over 250 tons of cocaine over the past ten years. Alvada had previously tried to join the Farc rebel group in Colombia before it signed a peace treaty in 2016.

Argentina families hope to find missing submarine - The ARA San Juan submarine went missing toward the end of 2016, and the Argentina Navy called off the rescue mission for it in December. Now relatives of those who were aboard the vessel are raising funds to continue the search. All of those who were aboard the submarine are presumed to be dead, and there has been no traces of the vessel anywhere.

North America

U.S. willing to talk to North Korea under certain conditions - South Korean President Moon Jae-in said North Korea is willing to hold talks with the United States, but those talks will only happen if nuclear disarmament is the goal of the conversations. North Korea has reportedly said that relations between it and the United States should improve together. North Korea has said in the past that it won’t have diplomatic relations if it requires preconditions.

Florida Governor wants investigation into the response to school shooting In a statement, Florida Governor Rick Scott called for an investigation into the response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Scott called for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate law enforcement’s response to the shooting, and local law enforcement said it will fully cooperate. Scott said he wants families of the victims to have answers.





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