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Week Of Special Interest 03/07/18
La Voz Staff

By La Voz Staff

70-mile pipeline from Ft. Collins to Thornton

This issue is pitting a small northern Colorado neighborhood against a booming metro area suburb. Residents along Douglas Road north of Fort Collins are standing in the way of the pipeline project that would deliver Poudre River water to Thornton. It’s water the city of Thornton says it will desperately need in just seven years, in order to sustain its current and projected population booms. “This will (help) take us from the current population of about 130,000 up to about 242,000,” said Mark Koleber, water project director for the City of Thornton. Koleber said Thornton is simply trying to tap the water rights it bought from Weld County farmers decades ago. “The city started -- in the mid-1980’s -- to acquire these water rights and the farms that went along with it,” Koleber said. So, they’ve come here to northern Colorado. Where they want to dig up Douglas Road and bury a water pipe. “For me – I just thought – that’s a really crummy thing to do,” said Penny Hillman, one of the founders of the group No Pipe Dream. “It’s unconscionable.” Hillman, along with many of her neighbors, now stand in the way of Thornton’s pipe dream.

Denver Food Rescue volunteers help curb food waste

The old saying goes that it’s difficult to get kids to eat their vegetables. But what if their families can’t afford or even access those types of foods to begin with? That’s where the Denver Food Rescue comes in. A few times a week, volunteers will go to local grocery stores to pick up donated food. Fruit, produce, and other goods that are a little close to the expiration date or just a little different get loaded into small trailers to be distributed to other nonprofits in so-called “food deserts” or poorer neighborhoods in the area. And they get it there in a unique way.  “We go by bike,” volunteer Kristina Topp explained. “We use bike trailers and we take it to several distribution sites to people that can use this great food.”

Latino/a Advocacy Day

Kicking off the annual Latino/a Advocacy Day on March 11th and 12th, where this two-day program provides advocacy trainings and briefings on policy issues that most impact the Latino community in Colorado. On Sunday, March 11th, volunteers and advocates from throughout Colorado will come together for a series of briefings and trainings in preparation for a lobby day at the Colorado State Capitol on Monday, March 12th. Activists will meet with their legislators to advocate legislation that affects their everyday life including reproductive, immigrant, environmental, education justice, and more.

Our Government

White House

In March and on St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate IrishAmerican Heritage Month and the tremendous role Irish immigrants and their descendants have played in the development of our great Nation.  Irish-American Heritage Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the nearly 33 million Americans with Irish ancestry and their tremendous contributions to the betterment of our country.

Colorado Governor

Governor Hickenlooper has been proactive in criminal justice reform. This month he said he’s considering releasing nearly 40 inmates with non-violent marijuana related convictions. Last year, he signed a bill passed by the state legislature that allows people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession or use to petition to their local district court to have their criminal records relating to the cases sealed if the crimes were committed after Dec. 10, 2012. 

Denver Mayor

Mayor of Denver Michael B. Hancock joined local business leaders from Webolutions and Istonish, as well as two Denver-area DACA recipients, to call for a narrow, permanent legislative solution to protect Dreamers from deportation. “Our Dreamers are being held hostage by an administration and Congress that is unwilling to see them as anything but bargaining chips. Enough. This is an opportunity to come to the table for an open discussion that is critical to protecting these individuals, and Congress needs to pass a smart, bipartisan legislative solution for Dreamers now,” said Mayor of Denver Michael B. Hancock.





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