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My conspiracy theory on Russian meddling
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

Our family celebrates a reunion every 2 years and this year we are scheduled to have our next one in California. Less than 2 years ago we celebrated our last reunion in San Antonio.

The President of our association asked me to give a short talk on historical facts of interest to the family. Among the things I talked about was the rapidly evolving demographic changes in Texas and how it affects our numerous members still in the State.

I told them that by 2020 Latinos would outnumber everyone else in Texas and that by 2042 Latinos in the State were projected to be the majority. This development called for major preparations for the family to do its part in providing leadership in a manner that would be consistent with our history.

At the time, I was not aware of the Russian meddling in our national election that constitutes a great fraud and betrayal of our democracy. I also was not aware that the Russians were not only meddling in our election but were seeking to push Donald Trump to victory.

Our family runs the gamut from the most Liberal to the most Conservative social and political traditions in living their lives. That is why when we talk politics, it is in the context of family and community rather than political parties.

But like the majority of Americans, we are outraged and offended by the appearance of a foreign power and historical adversary in our midst to do harm to our political process and help decide an election. We are outraged and offended by a President of the United States that sought and got Russian help to get him elected and has acted grateful ever since.

During the campaign for President, Trump would not admit to Russian meddling in the face of the facts discovered by our security services. Since the meddling was to his benefit, he has continued to deny the obvious by calling the facts “fake news” and referring to the investigations into the issue a “witch hunt.”

Just as importantly, he has refused to implement the sanctions voted by Congress to punish Russian behavior and has not ordered the development of defenses to protect the integrity of our 2018 Congressional elections. At the same time, the President treats the Russians in such a way that some in important circles feel, that perhaps, they (the Russians) have something very serious on Trump.

Something has to have happened to explain the feeling that Putin owns Donald Trump in a very tangible way. Mike Rogers, the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) recently acknowledged to the Senate Armed Services Committee that Putin probably believes that he paid “little price” for their meddling and that the President “has not granted him any new authorities to strike at Russian cyber-operations.”

That means that Russia can have a relative free hand in the 2018 elections and Trump is doing nothing about it. Could it be that there is an understanding that the Russians are promising to create another king-making operation designed to keep the Republican Party in power?

President Vladimir Putin is known to have expressed regret for the demise of the Soviet Union. Now, he might have something better than that in a United States that bends to his will.

I know America did not sign up for a covert betrayal of our democratic institutions and experiment. Treason can have many faces, but we can not allow this to be one of them.





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