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A week in review 03/21/18
Photo courtesy: CERN Stephen Hawking fue el mejor físico teórico del mundo, cosmólogo. Hawking nació en 1942 en Oxford, Reino Unido, y el murío a la edad de 78 años en Cambridge, Reino Unido. A los 21 años, Hawking fue diagnosticado con ALS (enfermedad de Lou Gehrig) y le dijeron que tenía 2 años en el mejor de los casos con la enfermedad. Hawking será recordado por los científicos como un reconocido físico y embajador de la ciencia.

By Joseph Rios


African president prepared to step down - Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is Africa’s only female head of state. She has served as president of Mauritius since 2015, but her term will soon come to an end as she is prepared to resign. Gurib-Fakim is accused of using a charity credit card for expensive personal purchases. She has personally said she won’t stand down, but her lawyer said she will resign from her position.

Spotify launches in South Africa The popular music streaming service Spotify has launched in South Africa, and it is the first time the company has made its way to Africa. Apple Music and other music streaming services had already been launched in South Africa, and Spotify is now active in over 60 countries. The music streaming service has over 150 million monthly users.


Philippines moves step closer to legalizing divorce - It is illegal to get divorced in the Philippines, but a bill passed by the country’s lower house of congress could make it legal. The country’s President, Rodrigo Duterte, has strongly opposed the bill, and he can still veto it if the Senate passes it. Philippine Congresswoman Emmi de Jesus said the bill is important because women get “trapped in abusive relationships.”

Mount Everest clean-up begins Mount Everest is in the midst of a huge clean-up campaign, and it is aiming to airlift 100 tones of garbage from tourists and climbers. The campaign recently began, and on its first day 2,600 lbs of waste was flown to be recycled. The campaign is mainly aimed at cleaning up items that can be recycled, and tourists and climbers are required to bring back whatever trash they have from their climbs.


Turkey police find radioactive material - Police in Turkey seized a radioactive material known as Californium during a car search in Ankara. Four people were arrested at the time of the search, and they are believed to have been part of a group who was going to sell the material for over $50 million. The material was taken to the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, and it is unknown where it came from.

Putin wins non-challenging election Over 95 percent of votes have been counted in Russia, and Vladimir Putin will serve as Russia’s president for another six years. His victory was never in doubt, and he never had a serious opponent. The closest candidate to winning the election was Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin. He took 11.79 percent of the vote.

Latin America

Brazilian soccer player to run for governor - Former Brazilian soccer player Romario de Souza is running for governor of Rio de Janeiro. Romario is part of the centrist Podemos party, and he’s been known for fighting corruption in soccer. He won a World Cup with Brazil in 1994, and he said he would focus on fighting violence and bankruptcy in Rio de Janeiro if elected.

Brazilian politician/activist killed Marielle Franco, a Rio de Janeiro politician was shot and killed in her car. She was known as an activist for women’s rights, and Brazil President Michel Temer called her death an attack on democracy. Thousands of people across Brazil took to the streets to mourn her death, and Brazil Public Security Minister Raul Jungmann promised that “justice will be done.”

North America

Nine-year old shoots and kills sister Police in Mississippi say a nine-year old boy shot and killed his 13-year-old sister after she wouldn’t give him a controller to a video game. It is unknown how he was able to get the gun, and the bullets entered the the teenager’s brain. The boy’s mother was in another room at the time of the incident, and it is unknown what consequences he will face.

Cirque du Soleil performer dies Yann Arnaud, an aerialist for Cirque du Soleil, fell while working with aerial straps during a performance in Florida. He died in a hospital later, and authorities are investigating what went wrong during the performance. Arnaud had worked with Cirque du Soleil for over a decade, and the company canceled two other shows in Florida following his death.





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