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Parkview Medical Center opens Outpatient Center
Photo courtesy: Parkview Medical Center

By Joshua Pilkington

One of Pueblo’s principal sources of employment has expanded its footprint in Pueblo County by adding an outpatient center.

Parkview Medical Center has added an outpatient location at 330 W. 14th St. in Pueblo. The outpatient center provides another dimension to the already successful private, non-profit organization that has been serving the greater Pueblo area for more almost a century.

According to Parkview the new facility dedicated to elite surgical services, will allow for scheduled, surgical procedures to happen sooner, allowing patients to return home on the same day their procedure is performed, which not only cuts down on expensive hospital stays, but also gives patients a chance to recover in the comfort of their home.

Cutting costs and contributing to the community’s well-being has been a focal point of Parkview Medical Center since it began operations in 1923. Over the years Parkview has grown to include the region’s only Level II Trauma Center as well as the region’s first Stroke Center. It has become a vital healthcare source for Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties and is the leader in cardiac, women’s, emergency and neurological services.

According to President and CEO Michael T. Baxter, Parkview has been one of the primary suppliers of health services to an increased number of Medicaid enrollees.

“With the state’s expansion of Medicaid, our region in particular has seen tremendous growth in the number of Medicaid recipients and the latest county numbers indicate more than 60,000 of the 160,000 population in our county are aligned for Medicaid services,” Baxter said in Parkview’s 2016-2017 Community Benefit Report.

From a numbers perspective Parkview Medical Center is the largest employer in Pueblo County with nearly 3,000 employees in addition to providing a medical staff of over 370 physicians. Furthermore, the medical center states that its annual payroll is at $200.8 million, another big contributor to the local economy.

In addition to employing thousands in Pueblo County, Parkview Medical Center also boasts over 1,200 long-term employees. According to the medical center’s 2016-2017 annual report 1,273 employees have been employed at Parkview Medical Center for five years or more, including over 200 who have served as employees for more than 20 years.

Along with long-term employees, Parkview Medical Center also counts on the support of 158 volunteers who logged over 20,000 hours the past fiscal year and 50 volunteer community members that made up Parkview’s boards.

Those board members, according to Baxter exemplify Parkview’s vision to “be the provider of choice for patients, physicians, and employees” by putting Pueblo first.

“Our board members define themselves as Pueblo citizens first and Parkview board members second,” he said in the 2016-2017 Community Benefit Report. “Having this independence allows the Board and leadership the ability to prioritize key decisions and commit resources based solely on the needs of our community.”

In an effort to continue its own growth while providing opportunities within the community, Parkview Medical Center provides several education programs.

The medical center’s School to Employment Program (STEP), for example, saw 27 students complete the program. STEP is a collaboration between Parkview and 70 high schools in the Pueblo School District. With the goal to direct students toward health care careers, the program generates academic and employment training opportunities.

“I flee like STEP is a really good program to prepare for college,” said Colton McCabe of Colton High School in Parkview’s 2016-2017 Community Benefit Report. “It is nice to get out of the classroom and experience some real-life situations. Just in the first few weeks I can say that it has made me want to live a healthy life and prevent some issues that are quite common.”





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