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Colorado Avs secure wildcard berth
La Voz Photo by Daryl Padilla

By Brandon Rivera

What a difference one year can make. Last season the Colorado Avalanche recorded the worst season on record chalking up a whopping 48 points. This year, they may not be the juggernaut they once were in the 90ís but they did just enough to show critics this young bunch of rookies are well on their way.

Controversy shadowed the organization after last yearís dismal performance and fans were worried that the team would give in to trade requests by Matt Duchene and despite the organization cutting ties with Coloradoís perennial center, the outcome was really unexpected. Despite the Avs going 2 of 3 in their last 5 games they managed to do just enough to lock the last Wild Card spot in the Western Conference when Colorado beat the St. Louis Blues 4 -1, at the Pepsi Center Sunday night. This playoff berth is the Colorado Avís first in 4 years when the Avs made it to the post-season in the 2013-14 season.

Though the odds are stacked against this young bunch, the sheer fact that they overcame so much in just a year makes this seasonís accomplishment that much more optimistic. Donít count out this young team yet, thereís still lots of hockey to play. Colorado is set to face the Nashville Predators in a seven-game series which begins this Thursday in Nashville.

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Nuggets are entangled in a season-ending battle where the Nuggets gained an upper hand in Monday night, getting one step closer to their first playoff berth in 5 years after beating the Portland Trailblazers 88 - 82. Monday nightís game looked grim for the Nuggets early as they were being out-rebound and out-scored. The Nuggets entered the locker room at halftime down 7, but came out in the second half swinging, outscoring the Timberwolves 24-20 cutting their lead to three, heading into the 4th quarter. The Nuggets shined in the 4th, out-scoring the Trailblazers 13-22 and placing the Timberwolves in a desperate situation heading into Wednesday nightís game.

If you arenít a fan of basketball, this end of season drama may very well change that. Nothing is more exciting than watching playoff contentions come down to the the very last game of the regular season and the Nuggets have managed to deliver this to their fans almost as dramatic as the Avs did. Could Pepsi Center share a little bit of that Mile High magic?

The Nuggets are set to face the Minnesota Timberwolves Wednesday night in Minnesota at 6 p.m. MST. The Timberwolves lead the season series 2-1 and the Nuggets are in need of a must win to make it into the post-season. The Nuggets are riding a six-game winning streak which has put them in the present position their in now, why not make it lucky number 7.

The Colorado Rockies faced the Atlanta Braves on a snowy Home Opener at Coors Field last Friday and despite the Rockies being used to conditions, it was Atlanta who seemed unbothered by the dreary conditions. Colorado lost game one 8-3, and bounced back on Saturday beating the Braves 3-2, but were shut out in game-three Sunday afternoon, 4-0. The Rockies begin their second three-game series with the San Diego Padres Monday and dropped game one to the Padres 7-6. Game 2 will be played Tuesday (at the time of this writing) and game three will be played on Wednesday at 1 p.m.





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