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A week in review 05/09/18
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By Joseph Rios


Soccer player dies after being struck by lightning
- South African soccer player Luyanda Ntshangase has died at the age of 21 when he was struck by lightning during a game. Ntshangase played for Maritzburg United and had been in an induced coma since March 1 when the incident occurred. Two other players were also struck by lightning in the same game, but they only suffered minor injuries.

Village attacked in Nigeria - A village in Gwaska, Nigeria, was attacked by former cattle rustlers and at least 51 adults and children were killed. The attackers burned down homes and shot at victims, and some Nigerians are calling for the country’s government to add more police in vulnerable villages. Nigeria saw a similar attack last month when gunmen killed 14 miners in the same area.


North Korea switches time to match South Korea’s
- North Korea and South Korea are working toward establishing a Korean unification, and North Korea took its first steps in doing so. The country changed its time zone to match South Korea’s by moving its clocks forward by 30 minutes. North Korea’s time was originally different because it was taking a stand against Japan.

Mosque bombed in Afghan province - People were gathered at a mosque in Khost, an Afghan province, when explosives went off and killed at least 17 people and wounded 37 others. The mosque was also being used as a voter registration center, and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Other voter registration centers have also been attacked since the parliamentary elections started last month.


France responds to Trump’s remarks on 2015 Paris attacks
- In a speech to the National Rifle Association in Dallas, Texas, President Trump said the 2015 Paris attacks could’ve been stopped if civilians had guns. He reiterated his point by saying “Boom! Come over here,” and he used his hands to show a gun being used. France’s foreign ministry called for the victims of the attacks to be respected, and former French President Francois Hollande called Trump’s comments “shameful.”

Twenty-one arrested in Greece after stealing cancer drugs - Greek authorities detained 21 people who allegedly stole cancer drugs from hospitals. Those were detained were smuggling the drugs to different European countries to sell them at higher prices. Among those who were detained were doctors and nurses, and the group has been active for five years. Authorities are investigating if any cancer patients possibly received less medication than what they needed.

Latin America

Argentine peso continues fall
- Over the past year, the value of the Argentine peso has plummeted, and now the country is trying to do something about it. Last Friday, Argentina’s central bank raised interest rates for the third time in the past month. Rates were raised from 33.25 percent to 40 percent, and analysts believe that the Argentine peso’s value will continue to fall.

Pirates attack fisherman near Guyana - Pirates near Guyana attacked four boats that were carrying at least 20 fishermen, and at least 12 of them died. Guyana President David Granger said the country had recently been successful halting pirates in the area, and he described the attack as a “great massacre, a great tragedy.” Authorities in the area are searching for survivors from the attack, and the country’s government will support families of the victims.

North America

CSU issues apology after Native Americans’ removal from campus
- Colorado State University (CSU) has issued out an apology to two Native American brothers who were removed from campus while they were touring the school. Police removed the two brothers when a parent on the tour called authorities saying they were being “too quiet” according to the brothers’ mother. CSU said it will look to handle similar cases better in the future.

George Bush Sr. released from hospital - George Bush Sr. was in the hospital for 12 days due to a blood infection, but the former U.S. President has been discharged. Bush is 93 years old, and his spokesman doctors believe that he is doing well. Bush was admitted to the hospital only a few days after former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away.





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