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A week in review 05/16/18
Photo courtesy: Library of Congress - First Lady Melania Trump underwent a kidney procedure for what the White House has described as a benign kidney condition.

By Joseph Rios


Dam burst kills dozens in Kenya
- Weeks of heavy rain fall in Kenya caused a dam to burst, and at least 45 people died. Dozens are missing from the incident, and the Kenya Red Cross believes that over 400 families have been affected. Most of those who were affected are small farmers. Rain has been hitting certain parts of East Africa recently, including Rwanda.

Ebola outbreak spreading through Democratic Republic of Congo - The World Health Organization reported an outbreak of Ebola around the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two cases have been confirmed, but there have been 21 suspected cases of the disease in the past five weeks. Seventeen people have died from the outbreak, and the World Health Organization said it is working closely with the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government to halt the outbreak.


Indian MP charged with killing wife
- Former UN diplomat and Indian MP Shashi Tharoor has been charged with helping his wife’s suicide. The woman, Sunanda Pushkar, was found dead in a hotel in Delhi in January 2014. The cause of her death is unclear, but reports say she had “mysterious injection marks” on her body. Tharoor said he plans to fight the charges against him.

Iran takes steps after U.S. backs out of nuclear deal - Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has started a tour to assure that the country’s nuclear deal will still be in place with other countries. Zarif plans to stop in China, Moscow and Brussels after President Trump announced that the United States will back out of the Iran nuclear deal. The deal saw Iran’s nuclear program halted while others in the deal lifted economic sanctions on the country.


Drugs found at UK’s office responsible for fighting drug use
- The United Kingdom’s Home Office is responsible for cracking down on illegal drugs, but Class A drugs were found at its headquarters. The drugs were first discovered by security staff, but suspects have yet to be identified. Class A drugs are considered to be harmful and addictive in England and they consist of things like cocaine, ecstasy and heroine.

Eurovision Song Contest blocked from Chinese station - The Eurovision Song Contest, a contest that takes place transcontinental, banned a Chinese TV station from airing it. The station, Mango TV, censored a performance because it had an LGBT theme and tattoos. The performance was sung by Ryan O’Shaughnessy and it was a song about a relationship between two men.

Latin America

Nicaragua protests continue
- Protests in Nicaragua are continuing in response to President Daniel Ortega’s decision to make cuts to pensions and social security. Over 20,000 Nicaraguans gathered holding photos of people who were killed in previous protests against Ortega’s decision. Ortega called for a “national dialogue,” but nothing has happened yet.

Twenty-six story building catches fire in Brazil - A couple of weeks ago a 26-story building caught fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil and four people are unaccounted for. The state’s governor announced that the search for the missing has been called off. There were 250 people inside the building at the time of the fire, and the bodies of twin ten-year-old boys were discovered. The building once served as the state’s police headquarters.

North America

U.S. Supreme Court says states can allow sports gambling
- The United States Supreme Court ruled that states can now choose to allow legalized sports betting. The court struck down a law that has been in place since 1992 that banned sports gambling. Certain leagues like the National Basketball Association were against the move, and the NCAA said the ruling is a threat to the “integrity of athletic competition.”

U.S. might let private companies invest in North Korea - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the country might allow private companies to invest in North Korea. The United States recently announced an offer to help North Korea rebuild its economy, and Pompeo made the private companies remark a week after he visited Pyongyang. Pompeo also suggested that agriculture businesses invest in the country.





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