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A mother worthy of pampering
La Voz Staff Photo

By Joshua Pilkington

Gloria Ulibarri is La Voz’s Mother’s Day Makeover honoree

Another Mother’s Day has come with pink caps and bats on the ballfield and millions of cards flying off the shelves. In fact, according to Hallmark about 141 million cards are given to mothers each Mother’s Day.

“I used to spend a lot of money on cards and flowers, but my mom let me know that she wanted me to save money up for a flight to visit her once a year than spend it on cards and flowers,” said Daniel Flores who moved to Denver from Chicago, where his mother still lives, in 2011. “Ever since then, it’s been mostly a phone call or a text message wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.”

One mother who received more than a text message was the honoree of La Voz’s Mother’s Day Makeover, Gloria Ulibarri. For four years, La Voz has honored one Colorado mother with a special gift package. This year Ulibarri was honored with a makeover from Scissorhand Design Studio and color-design specialist, Marisol Espinoza.

Nominating Ulibarri this year were her daughter Renay Ulibarri and her grandson Julian Trujillo.

Renay Ulibarri said that what prompted her to nominate her mother for the Mother’s Day Makeover was her knowledge of La Voz’s annual contest and her mother’s unconditional love.

“My mom is an incredible women who loves all her family and I believe she is the strength of all of us,” said Renay Ulibarri, one of three children Gloria Ulibarri raised. “She has been through so much in her life even the loss of a child. And with her faith in God has taught us we can overcome anything.”

As part of her package, Gloria Ulibarri also received $100 gift cards from both Macy’s and King Soopers, along with the regular pampering that her daughter says she deservedly receives now on a regular basis.

“She has a great experience in getting pampered,” Renay Ulibarri said. “Anytime I can give back to my mother and make her feel special I do all I can to show her how much I appreciate her.”

Ulibarri added that a driving force behind her mother’s unconditional love for her and her family are her religious beliefs.

“My mother to this day works hard and still shows us that we are never alone as long as we have each other and Jesus,” said Renay Ulibarri. She was always there to support us in all we do.”

Now a parent herself, Renay Ulibarri said that she has used the lessons she learned from her mother and applied them to her own parenting style.

“My mother has shown me faith and how to be a great mother and unconditional love,” she said.

Renay Ulibarri added that she remains close to her mother today.

“My mom and I are very close to this day,” she said. “We take the time to cook together, shop together, spend time talking to each other and she has shown me how to be stronger, work hard for what we need and want even when I feel like I can’t anymore. Not only is she my mother, she’s my best friend. I will always be by her side.”

Part of Gloria Ulibarri’s package included a visit to Scissorhand Design Studio at 421 W. 104th Ave. in Northglenn. Open from Monday through Saturday, Scissorhand Design Studio is a studio that takes pride in its “quality over quantity” approach to hairstyling. “We use your head as our canvas and create art,” the studio’s Facebook page boasts and art is what they created for a worthy mother.





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