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A week in review 05/23/18
Photo courtesy: Photo courtesy: USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)

By Joseph Rios


Zimbabwe applies to rejoin the Commonwealth
- Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially applied for the country to rejoin the Commonwealth after it had left in 2003. He invited former British colonies to observe Zimbabwe’s general elections this July. The country had originally left the Commonwealth after its former leader, Robert Mugabe, was under scrutiny for allegedly disturbing the election process.

Man found guilty for axe attack in South Africa - Henri van Breda was found guilty of three counts of murder, and one count of attempted murder in South Africa. He killed his wealthy parents and brother in an axe attack at their home. His sister had sever head injuries from the attack, and there were no leads on the attack for 18 months until Van Breda turned himself in during the summer of 2016.


North Korean defectors discovered by South Korea Navy
- Two North Korean defectors were spotted by the South Korea navy this past weekend on a small boat in the Yellow Sea. The two defectors are in their 40s and are civilians, and were put through a state resettlement program. They are expected to go through the same process as other North Korean defectors, but it is unlikely that they will be sent back to North Korea.

Woman found with cocaine capsules in India - Police in India extracted over 100 cocaine capsules from a woman who was trying to smuggle the drugs into the country. The drugs are believed to be worth over $45 million, and the woman spent a week in the hospital where she was given laxatives to heal from the cocaine. The woman is believed to have ingested the capsules in Brazil, and it is believed to be the highest number of capsules of cocaine extracted from a person.


Mark Zuckerberg to speak to European Parliament leaders
- Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will be speaking to European Parliament leaders regarding privacy concerns. The meeting was originally scheduled to be private, but it will now be available for live stream. Earlier this year, millions of Facebook users’ private data was shared after a data breach. Over one million English Facebook users were affected by the data breach.

Men arrested years later after German backpacker’s death - Inga Hauser, an 18-year-old German backpacker, was found dead in the Ballypatrick Forest in 1988. Years later, arrests have been made for her suspected murder. Two men, ages 58 and 61 were arrested in Loughguilne, a small village in Northern Ireland. It is believed that Hauser was the victim of a “vicious and ruthless assault,” according to police.

Latin America

Maduro wins re-election in Venezuela
- Food shortages and an economic crisis are things Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro will continue to face as he has won re-election. Voting turnout was low, but Maduro will see another six years in office. Only 46 percent of Venezuelans voted, according to the National Electoral Council, but others say voting turnout was even shorter. Maduro told supporters that the “revolution is here to stay” after his victory.

British foreign secretary to visit Argentina - Boris Johnson, a British foreign secretary, will be the first British foreign secretary to visit Argentina in 25 years. He is hoping to continue the improvement of relations between Argentina and England. Johnson is also set to visit Peru and Chili with the hopes of improving trade relations with the countries.

North America

U.S. set to impose new sanctions on Iran
- Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States plans to put the “strongest sanctions in history” on Iran. Pompeo said the goal would be to “deter any Iranian aggression” while giving a speech in Washington. The sanctions will be ones that the country had on Iran in 2015. They were originally lifted, but Pompeo plans to implement them again, along with other new measures.

Kilauea volcano causing issues in Hawaii - The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is producing toxic flames and Hawaii has been fighting eruptions from it. Two lava flows hit the Pacific, and clouds filled with hydrochloric acid can cause breathing problems for people in Hawaii. The volcano originally erupted at the beginning of the month, and Hawaii’s Civil Defense Agency is warning people to stay away from any ocean plume.





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