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Students, looking for a summer job?
Photo courtesy: State of Colorado/Governors Summer Job Hunt

By Joseph Rios

Finding a job in this day and age is difficult for anyone, especially for high school students who don’t have any prior work experience. That shouldn’t stop them from being able to find a job this summer, because there are plenty of businesses hiring.

Take McDonald’s for instance. The fast food chain allocated over $100 million to its Archways to Opportunity education program. The company describes Archways to Opportunity as a “comprehensive education strategy,” with programs aimed at helping their employees with their education. Its goals are to improve employees’ English, help them earn a high school degree, help with working toward a college degree and has opportunities for employees to meet with education advisors to help prepare an education plan.

The program launched in 2015, and tens of thousands of people have enrolled in it. Since McDonald’s allocated so much money toward the program, it will hire nearly 4,500 new employees in Colorado alone. Those who wish to take part in the program can receive tuition assistance when they’ve worked for the company for at least 90 days.

Those who want to be in the program can do so by only working 15 hours each week. It is projected that half of McDonald’s hires are between the ages of 16 to 24 years old. Those who wish to apply at McDonald’s can do so by visiting

McDonald’s isn’t the only place looking for teenage employees. Water World is also looking to hire around 1,000 young adults. The water park is looking for young adults to take on gigs like lifeguard, park maintenance, food service and guest services. Visit for a complete list of jobs available at Water World.

Barbara Casey assisted her 17-year-old son Carson in finding a job. Carson is finished with his junior year at Standley Lake High School, and he is set to work at the Walnut Creek Golf Preserve in Westminster.

“We went to our local municipality. They have a lot of good opportunities for kids, and we also got a job shadow opportunity,” Casey said.

Another helpful tool for teenagers who wish to find a job this summer is to visit Colorado’s Governor’s Summer Job Hunt website at The website has all kinds of features like skills assessments, virtual job fairs and more.

The website has numerous suggestions and tips for young people who are seeking employment which include being strategic, networking, keeping track of employers who are contacted and online research.

Having a strong resume is also an important factor in finding a job, but it can be difficult for teenagers who have little work experience, however; that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for teens to put together a stand out resume.

Teenagers can include school activities, courses they’ve taken, and volunteer experience in their resumes. It is also helpful to include academic accomplishments like GPA or academic awards and leadership experience. Using strong words in a resume and thinking about what an employer is looking for is also vital in putting together a resume that will get employers’ attention.





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