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Kaley’s Kupcakes and King Soopers partner to give back to Children’s
Photo courtesy: Rachel Kemble Photography

By Joshua Pilkington

There are few places that Kaley Mcgill knows as well as Children’s Hospital. The 10-year-old from Windsor has skeletal dysplasia and dwarfism. Those conditions have led to over 60 surgeries and procedures as well as multiple visits and stays at Children’s Hospital.

With so much time spent receiving treatment and care from Children’s nurses and doctors, Kaley felt it was time to give back and has chosen a sweet way to do it: making cupcakes.

Kaley’s Kupcakes, as they are warmly called, have taken on a life of their own including a partnership with King Soopers. During the first week of every month through 2018, Kaley’s Kupcakes will be available at 152 King Soopers stores with 100 percent of the profits being donated directly to Children’s Hospital.

According to King Soopers representative Adam Williamson, the idea to be a part of Kaley’s distribution came at a gala.

“We first met Kaley at the Children’s Hospital gala,” Williamson said. “Where she said her and her mother were raising money for Children’s selling cupcakes. Our President, Dennis Gibson said, ‘we have to do something to help.’ We reached out to Children’s Colorado and had them reach out to Kaley’s family.”

From there the idea of a fundraiser was born. The fundraiser itself, much like Kaley, is very unique. King Soopers decided that they would sell Kaley’s Kupcakes from the 1st through the 7th of every month of 2018 and donate the profits to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

“She was so excited and we wanted it to be her design from the sticker to the spelling of ‘Kupcakes’, because her nickname is KK,” Williamson said of Kaley’s involvement. “She toured the bakery plant and made her design.”

The cupcakes aren’t just for a good cause, either. They are delicious. The soft, spongy chocolate cupcake is topped with a frosting that is all Kaley – pink, her favorite color. Because not every cupcake can be made from the comfort of the Mcgill home, King Soopers produces the confections in their bakery warehouse to make them shelf ready for the beginning of every month.

“Our store teams are so excited and uplifted to help this cause,” Williamson said. “They ensure that they have great displays every month, make announcements and additional signage, etc. Kaley has inspired over 23,000 of our associates and even more in the communities we serve.”

Part of that community is Children’s Hospital of Colorado and the children it serves. Though her goal of $50,000 seems lofty, the cupcakes are sure to be a hit among King Soopers patrons and those involved with Children’s Hospital.

Leading transformative research for the sake of innovation, Children’s uses that knowledge to pioneer treatments with the hope of eradicating childhood disease and changing pediatric medicine. With 3,400 physicians, nurses and scientists conducting child health research, they are dedicated to that mission.

“They made all the difference for us,” said Aimee Kelley, whose son Noah was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 5 and received his treatment through Children’s Hospital of Colorado. “I think we suffered more during those visits than he did. They made sure that his fears were calmed and, it may sound cliché, but he really was treated like a prince.”

According to Kaley it was that type of treatment that endeared her to Children’s Hospital and made her want to give back to the place that has given her such attentive treatment over the years.

Kaley’s Cupcakes are available at King Soopers the 1st through the 7th of every month of 2018. All profits from sales go directly to Children’s Hospital of Colorado.





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