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A week in review 06/06/18
Photo courtesy: Gobierno Guatemala Twitter - Guatemalan Government is on alert for second eruption of the year, of the Fuego Volcano. Director Sergio Cabañas looks on at Fuego Volcano as it errupts into deadly plumes of smoke.

By Joseph Rios


Boat carrying migrants capsizes
- Last Saturday a boat filled with migrants sank near the coast of Tunisia, and at least 112 people died, according to the International Organization for Migration. The boat capsized, and dozens were rescued by the coastguard. Migrants travel through Tunisia in hopes of crossing to Europe.

Madagascar names new prime minister - Christian Ntsay has been named Madagascar’s new Prime Minister. Ntsay has worked for the United Nations and was chosen not too long after the former prime minister resigned. The previous prime minister resigned in an effort to settle down a political crisis. Ntsay will now be responsible for forming a government and organizing elections.


North Korea says Syrian President will visit
- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is planning to make a visit to North Korea, according to North Korea’s state news agency. Syria is an ally to North Korea, but the country has yet to confirm North Korea’s state news agency’s report. The countries have been accused of co-operating on chemical weapons in the past, but they have both denied it. No date has been released for potential meeting.

Bank in Australia to pay $700m fine - Commonwealth Bank in Australia will have to pay a $700m fine for breaking anti-money laundering and counter-terror financing laws. An Australian court will have to approve the fine, and if it does, the fine will be the largest civil penalty in Australian history. Commonwealth Bank agreed to the fine.


Eighteen-year-old found guilty of plotting terror attack
- An English jury found Safaa Boular guilty of plotting a terror attack on the British Museum in London. Boular is only 18 years old, and she is Britain’s youngest convicted female Islamic State terrorist. Boular also accused of trying to travel to Syria to join IS militants. Her sister admitted to planning a knife attack in London as well.

Bear escapes German zoo - The Eifel Zoo in Germany sent out a warning to residents to stay indoors when a bear escaped. The bear escaped its cage when it was raining heavily, and it was shot dead. The zoo had originally believed two lions, two tigers and a jaguar had escaped, but it was later discovered that they never got out of their cages.

Latin America

Volcano erupts in Guatemala
- Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has declared three days of national mourning after Fuego Volcano erupted for 16-hours. It is the most violent volcano eruption in over 100 years in the country, and at least 62 people died. Others are missing, and it is believed that the death toll may rise.

Cuba looks toward constitutional reforms - Cuba is set to make changes to its constitutional reforms, and it will focus on limiting presidential terms and on legalizing same-sex marriage. Former President Raul Castro will lead the reforms as they will be proposed by Cuba’s national assembly. The last time Cuba made constitutional reforms was in 2002.

North America

Baker wins Supreme Court case
- Jack Phillips won a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case that saw the national spot light for years. Phillips, a baker in Colorado, refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. The Supreme Court ruled that Phillips had the right to not make the couple a cake because of his religious beliefs.

FBI agent accidentally shoots someone - An off-duty FBI agent was filmed dancing at a bar in Denver when his gun fell and accidentally shot someone in the leg. The person hit by the bullet was taken to a hospital, but his wound wasn’t life threatening. The off-duty agent has yet to be named, and it is unknown if he will be charged, or disciplined.

Man arrested for trying to spy for China - Ron Rockwell Hansen, a former U.S. intelligence officer, was arrested by the FBI on Saturday for allegedly trying to spy for China. Hansen is accused of trying to pass on information, and was paid at least $800,000 to spy for the Chinese. He was arrested on his way to an airport in Seattle to take a flight to China.





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