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Hispanic marketing & media: Leveraging creativity, community and culture
Photo courtesy: CMC - The Voice of Hispanic Marketing

By Jerome DeHerrera

Last week in Los Angeles, several hundred executives and visionaries from marketing and media companies across the country convened to discuss the latest trends, data and strategies in Hispanic marketing. The conference, organized by the Culture Marketing Council, focused on how best to use “Creativity, Community, and Culture” to help marketers, publishers and agencies authentically connect with the Hispanic audience. The conference demonstrated several important realities about the Hispanic community.

First, it is clear that the world’s largest consumer and media companies are focused intently on building long-standing relationships with the Hispanic community. Speaker after speaker extolled the importance of the Hispanic community’s youth and brand loyalty. In the eyes of the leaders from Target, Pepsi, Comcast, Domino’s, AutoZone, U.S. Bank, Nestle, Verizon, CNN, and Google, engagement with Latinos is a priority that warrants specialized campaigns built on culturally authentic messaging. An important aspect of culturally authentic messaging is the use of language and symbols that resonate with the community. Use of Spanish language in both Hispanic and mainstream marketing content is now becoming the norm. Indeed, during the conference, these sophisticated communicators frequently shifted between Spanish and English, for reasons of both familiarity, authenticity and precision.

Second, the talent and vision amongst Latinos in the marketing and media industry is inspiring. Hispanics in the industry come from nearly every background, and work in nearly every aspect of media and marketing, and they all share a commitment to creativity and excellence in their work. For example, the Brazilian born P.J. Pereira, founder of an award-winning advertising agency, has been a pioneer in both digital media as well as content and is now recognized as one of the world’s most influential creatives. Maria Elena Salinas, an award-winning and Hall of Fame journalist, is widely recognized as one of the most-influential journalists in the United States. She spoke to the conference about the importance of engaging and empowering the Latino community while our brand is under attack during the Trump era. Danny Trejo, the long-time successful Hollywood actor spoke to the conference about the importance of helping other Latinos and finding ways to succeed in new, unexpected roles that challenge a person to leave their comfort zone.

Finally, the conference demonstrated the importance of Latinos in the world of sports. With the beginning of the World Cup this month, the topic was especially prescient. During a session focused on this topic, the speakers spoke at length about how Latinos are dominating world and European soccer. The top soccer teams from Spain continue to dominate club soccer in Europe, with Real Madrid once again beating the best clubs in Europe to win its third consecutive Champions League title last month. In the 2018 World Cup, many experts predict that either Spain, Argentina or Brazil will win. Even though the NFL is still the dominate sport in the U.S., there is no question that soccer is the most popular sport in the world and Latinos are at the top of that sport.

With the Latino community’s success in soccer, along with their ability to watch the best world’s best soccer matches in the U.S. and throughout Latin American, marketers and media companies recognize that Latinos are now starting to drive the future of sports marketing. Jose Garriga, an Executive with NBC Sports & Telemundo, explained that NBC and Telemundo are investing heavily to become the go-to place for both World Cup and club soccer, all because they understand that Latinos are driving the future of the World’s most popular sport.

Even here in Denver, business and community leaders recognize the importance of sports in the Latino community.  For example, La Rumba is partnering with Comcast and the Colorado Latino Network to transform the salsa club into the Latino Community’s headquarters to watch and cheer for their teams in the World Cup.  As the organizers of the Hispanic Media conference would say, this is a great example of leveraging creativity, community and culture to authentically reach the Hispanic market.





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