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A week in review 06/20/18
Photo courtesy: Customs and Border Protection San Diego - About 1.7 miles of new 30-foot high bollard style wall has been put in place in Calexico. The controversy of separating children from family remains a hot topic in recent weeks.

By Joseph Rios


Police investigating death of traditional ruler in Nigeria
- Police in Enugu, Nigeria have arrested two people who are believed to be connected to the murder of traditional ruler Igwe Steven Nwatu. Nwatu was found hung last week, and the two people who were detained are helping police investigate the murder. Police have been meeting with other traditional rulers to tell them they will be safe. They also visited the town where Nwatu was murdered.

Nigerian mosque attacked - Authorities in Nigeria are investigating the attack of a mosque where two bombs exploded and killed at least 20 people. The incident occurred when people were celebrating Eid al-Fitr, and authorities believe the death toll may rise because of the condition of wounded residents. It is unknown who was responsible for the attack, but the terrorist group Boko Haram is located in the area of where the attack occurred.


Earthquake strikes Japan
- Japan was hit with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Osaka that left three people dead and over 200 others injured. Among those who died was a child, and the earthquake shut down airports, trains and factories. Those in the area estimated that the earthquake only lasted for a minute long, and Japan’s meteorological agency warned that another earthquake could hit the country soon.

Report suggests India is going through worst water shortage - Niti Aayog, a policy think tan, released a report saying India is going through its worst water shortage in history. The report suggests that six hundred million are dealing with water shortage. It continues to say that nearly 200,000 Indians die each year due to lack of water, or contamination. India has a poor irrigation system and groundwater is severely contaminated.


Dutch festival attacked
- The Dutch PinkPop festival turned deadly when a man allegedly drove a van into a group of people. The man turned himself in after he allegedly killed one person and critically injured three others. Police have the man in custody on suspicion of manslaughter and attempted man slaughter. People at the festival camped out in the area of the event, and the attack took place close to a campsite.

Charity accuses French of abusing child migrants - The charity Oxfam recently published a report alleging that child migrants have been abused and returned to Italy by French police. The report continues and alleges that French police took phones away from children and cut the soles of their shoes off. France has yet to respond to the report.

Latin America

Colombia elects new president
- Ivan Duque, a conservative, was elected as Colombia’s new president. Duque beat out leftwing runner Gustavo Petro, and he received 54 percent of the vote in the election. He said he wants to see changes to Colombia’s deal with the Farc rebels, and he is also planning harsher punishments on crimes committed by the rebels.

Mexico upsets Germany in World Cup - Mexico’s national soccer team defeated Germany 1-0 in its first World Cup game of the year. Germany previously won the World Cup in 2014, and Mexico’s victory was a surprising upset. Mexico midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos said his team “made history in a way that no one ever has.” Mexico hasn’t made it past the second round of the World Cup since 1986.

North America

Trump comments on immigration policy
- Over the weekend photos surfaced of undocumented children being held in a fenced enclosure in Texas. President Trump spoke before the media and said the United States will not become a “migrant camp.” The United Nations said Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy toward undocumented immigrants is “unconscionable.”

Sherrif deputy accused of abusing four-year-old child - Jose Nunez, a Texan sheriff’s deputy, has been arrested for abusing a four-year-old girl. Nunez was arrested after the girl’s mother asked for help from the fire department. He allegedly threatened the girl’s immigrant mother with deportation, and he was placed on paid administrative leave. Texas sheriff Salazar said Nunez is “not worthy to be part of” the police agency.





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