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A week in review 06/27/18
Photo courtesy: Chicano_Yank Instagram

By Joseph Rios


FBI to investigate Ethiopia bombing
- The United States announced that the FBI will visit Ethiopia to investigate a bomb blast that occurred at a rally over the weekend. The attack occurred at a campaign rally in Bulawayo and at least 49 people were injured while two others died. Among those who were injured were two deputies of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa said he was the target of the attack.

Farmers and cattle herders clash in Nigeria - Clashes between farmers and cattle herders in Nigeria have left at least 86 people dead. The clashes began when farmers attacked and killed five herders. Herders responded with an attack of their own, causing more violence. The area has a history of violence between groups who grapple for land. Property was also destroyed in the clashes like vehicles, motorbikes and houses.


Thailand searches for trapped teenagers
- Authorities in Thailand are searching for 12 teenagers of a youth soccer team. It is believed that the team and their coach entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, but were trapped due to heavy rain. The entrance of the cave was flooded, but authorities believe the teenagers and their coach are still alive. Rescuers found bicycles and sports equipment outside of the cave. The cave is a heavy tourist attraction in the country.

China destroying coffins to improve environment - China is taking a new approach to helping its environment, and it involves destroying coffins. Over 5,000 residents in the Chinese province Jiangxi gave up their coffins this past weekend in favor of environmentally friendly cremations. Some reports from the area suggest that residents were forced to give up their coffins. The Chinese spend large amounts of money on funerals and coffins.


Huge oil spill in port of Rotterdam causes chaos
- Rescue workers in the port of Rotterdam are hard at work as an oil spill from a tanker contaminated hundreds of swans, geese, cormorants and gulls. The port of Rotterdam is located in the Netherlands, and it is the largest port in Europe. The tanker spilled 220 tons of oil into the harbor, and volunteers have also been part of the clean up effort. Birds that were contaminated are being taken to wildlife shelters.

Turkey President ready for new executive powers - Following his election victory, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will have more executive powers after parliament has been weakened. Turkey’s prime minister role was abolished which also creates more power for Erdogan. Turkey’s economy has strived recently, but Erdogan has put nearly 160,000 people in prisons during his time as President. Erdogan promised to impose the new presidential system “rapidly” during his victory speech.

Latin America

Entire police force in Mexican town detained
- Fernando Ángeles Juárez, a mayoral candidate in the Mexican town Ocampo, was shot and killed, and the town’s police force is believed to have been a part of the murder. Ocampo’s 27 police officers and its public security secretary were detained by Mexican forces. Over 100 politicians have been killed in Mexico as the country prepares for its general elections on July 1.

Student protest shot at in Nicaragua - Security forces in Nicaragua opened fire on a student protest at a college in Managua. During the shooting, a baby was killed, but Nicaragua’s government has denied it. Protestors were demonstrating against the country’s government’s decision to cut pensions and social security. Over 200 people have died in protests over the past few months in Nicaragua.

North America

Trump talks immigration
- After President Donald Trump changed a policy that separated migrant parents from their children, he went back to addressing immigration on Twitter. Trump tweeted “when somebody comes in (to the United States), we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.” It is estimated that over 2,000 children were separated from their parents in May and June.

Harley-Davidson to start production outside of the U.S. - Wisconsin-based motorcycle producer Harley-Davidson is preparing to conduct some motorcycle production outside of the United States. The European Union announced last week that it would impose tariffs on U.S. products, including motorcycles. The European Union decided to impose the tariffs as a response to President Trump’s trade policy.





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