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Separation of families via concentration camps
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

When Jeff Sessions was asked to compare the separation of children from their immigrant parents at our southern border to the Nazi separation of Jewish children from their parents as part of the Final Solution. He pointed out that the difference was that the Nazis wanted to keep the Jews in death camps while the American government wanted to keep immigrants out of the country. In any case, Session’s clarification appears to equate the two as policies of a moral low ground.

It is evident that the new administration’s zero tolerance policy even on refugees was likely to keep the families separated indefinitely creating an unending government sanctioned criminal abuse of Latino immigrant children. It was obvious that the separation of children and mothers was the result of an application of law that went too far.

Because of great pressure brought against the President in this mid-term election year, he has decided to issue another presidential decree to reverse the effects of his previous one making it possible for children to stay with their parents. This may in fact be what he wanted all along as he may now put whole families in detention in concentration camps around the country.

To do this, the administration is now petitioning the Federal Court to eliminate the 20-day limit on child custody before placement. If the effort to undo the limits on child-stay in custody is successful, it will open the way to putting immigrants and their families in concentration camps for a long time.

It is reported that the Department of Defense has agreed to open military bases to accommodate up to 20,000 immigrants as part of a beginning phase. The capacity will no doubt increase as the administration finds creative ways to imprison the rest of the immigrant population that the President can get his hands on.

There have been serious efforts to legislate Immigration Reform ever since the George W. Bush administration with little success. With a subservient Republican Party under his firm control, President Trump may achieve this before the election of a new Congress.

The outcome may not look like anything that has been envisioned. Can you imagine 11 million immigrants in concentration camps?

In the Trump world, the unthinkable in sinister behavior and racist vision are celebrated and flaunted as signs of strength. The President appears strong and brave when it comes to helpless children and immigrant mothers and fathers seeking the protection in the United States.

His actions are so gross that even his wife, in a fit of a somewhat juvenile reaction, flew to visit immigrant children in a South Texas detention center to make a point about who was the animal in this situation. While her visit was very much appreciated, her message got lost in the midst of her strange behavior.

For their own reasons, the administration and its followers have identified the Latino immigrant as the principle game-changer that can upset their strategy of maintaining political control in the face of census predictions and democratic principles that make space for a changing majority. They know that the Latino community is rapidly increasing in political power with each election cycle at the expense of an old and tired leadership that appears to be less and less able to govern.

Going after immigrants at our southern border because they are Latino is clearly an act of desperation to change what cannot be changed. Separation of families and concentration camps will not stand.





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