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Week Of Special Interest 07/04/18
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By La Voz Staff

RTD seeks public input on proposed fare changes

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) will host eight public meetings in July to provide the latest news related to the completed pass program study and current fare review, as well as to gather public input on proposed fare policy changes. At these open houses, staff will present updates and answer questions concerning fares, the pass program study, the working group’s fare recommendation, the agency and its budget. To participate, attend a public meeting or submit comments at or 303-299-6000.

Prevent spread of Crypto, other waterborne illnesses

As summer heats up and more people head to the pool, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reminds people to protect themselves from recreational waterborne illnesses such as cryptosporidiosis (Crypto) and giardiasis (Giardia). Crypto and Giardia are parasites that cause intestinal illness. Crypto easily spreads through water and is hard to kill, even in properly chlorinated pools. The parasites live in the guts of infected people and animals and are passed through feces (poop). Crypto and Giardia are spread not only by swallowing water (from swimming) but also from eating food contaminated by feces from infected people or animals, even in tiny amounts that can’t be seen. If you want to know more about Crypto, Giardia, call CO-HELP at 1-877-462-2911 (or 303-389-1687) or visit them at

Fourth of July DUI enforcement

As Coloradans prepare for Fourth of July barbecues, parties and festivities, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and local law enforcement agencies are teaming up to keep impaired drivers off the road. Law enforcement from 88 agencies across the state will be out with increased patrols, saturation patrols or checkpoints for the Fourth of July DUI enforcement period, which runs from Friday, June 29, through Thursday, July 5 as part of CDOT’s The Heat Is On campaign. More details about the campaign, including impaired driving enforcement plans, arrest totals and safety tips can be found at

Our Government

White House

President Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key positions in his Administration: R. Clarke Cooper of Florida, to Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs.; Daniel N. Rosenblum of Maryland, to Ambassador Extraordinary, Republic of Uzbekistan; Stephanie Sanders Sullivan of Maryland, Ambassador Extraordinary to the Republic of Ghana; and Karen L. Williams of Missouri, to be Ambassador Extraordinary to the Republic of Suriname.

Colorado Governor

Gov. John Hickenlooper released a joint statement with the Governor’s Clergy Council, calling for action from Congress, ensuring the immediate end of inhumane treatment of children detained on the southern border. “From all different faiths, we can agree that the policy and practice of separating children from their parents is wrong and destructive on a number of levels. To use sacred texts to justify it is even worse. We encourage faith leaders to speak openly and honestly about these issues in their services over the coming weeks. Our hope and prayer is that our Federal Government will act quickly and decisively to ensure that the most vulnerable are cared for and protected.”

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today introduced the new Chief of Police for the Denver Police Department (“DPD”). Commander Paul Pazen will take the helm as Chief Robert C. White concludes his career in policing here in Denver after 46 years of dedicated service. “Paul Pazen has built a phenomenal reputation for being an innovator, collaborator and community-focused leader,” Mayor Hancock said.





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