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Polis selects Primavera as running mate
Photo courtesy: Jared Polis Instagram

By Joseph Rios

Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is ready to make a run for governor, and he has his running mate selected. His campaign announced that former state Rep. Dianne Primavera will be his running mate during the election season.

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll believes that Polis’s decision will be beneficiary to his campaign.

“Having served side-by-side with Dianne Primavera in the legislature, I know she is a tough fighter for all Coloradans, and I know our state will be in good hands with Dianne as their next Lieutenant Governor,” Carroll said.

Primavera is 68 years old, and she represented House District 33 for eight years. She served on numerous committees, like ones that involved health care, health insurance, human services and transportation and energy when she was a legislator.

Primavera is a breast cancer survivor, and she started to lead the non-profit Susan G. Komen Colorado over a year ago. The non-profit organization is dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

“Dianne’s personal story of battling cancer while being a single mom is inspiring. But what makes her such a great choice is how, in the wake of that personal struggle, Dianne made it her life’s mission to ensure every Coloradan receives the affordable health care they need when they need it most,” Carroll said.

Before revealing his pick for his running mate, Polis gave clues from one of his Twitter accounts. He teased by offering facts about Primavera, like how she is a Colorado native and how she has two dogs and two fish.

“Dianne is a fighter who has proven she gets results,” Polis said in a statement. “She’s fought cancer four separate times and survived. She’s fought for affordable health care for Colorado families when they need it most. She’s fought for dignity and opportunity for disabled men and women. Coloradans deserve a lieutenant governor who will always put them first and who will stop at nothing to help our communities thrive. Dianne has proven again and again throughout her life that she is the fighter Colorado deserves.”

According to a poll from Public Policy Polling, Polis currently has an 8-point lead over Republican nominee Walker Stapleton. Stapleton has apparently chosen his running mate, but his campaign hasn’t made an announcement.

Primavera said she is humbled by the chance to be Lieutenant Governor, and is ready to get the ball rolling.

“Jared’s entire life has been about turning bold ideas into real results for Colorado families, whether as an entrepreneur creating jobs, as an education leader building schools, or as a representative fighting to expand affordable health care to millions – an issue that’s incredibly personal to me and to thousands of other Coloradans,” She said. “This campaign is about putting Coloradans first, and I can’t wait to begin meeting with folks in every corner of our state about the challenges facing their families and how we can come together to solve them.”





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