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A week in review 07/11/18
Photo courtesy: U.S. Department of Defense - More than 40 U.S. Defense Department personnel staged equipment and prepared safe passage during efforts to rescue the remaining soccer players and coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. All were rescued but a Thai Navy Seal died during their efforts.

By Joseph Rios


Ethiopia/Eritrea end war
- Ethiopia and Eritrea leaders signed a declaration saying that the war between the two countries is over. The two countries had a border conflict from 1998 until 2000, and a peace deal never existed. The next step in the process will see Ethiopia and Eritrea reestablish trade and diplomatic ties. The declaration was signed at a summit between Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Eritrea.

Nigeria releases detained children - Nigeria’s military has released 183 children who were being held. The children were being held on suspicion of having ties with the Islamist group, Boko Haram. The children’s ages ranged from eight to 18 years, and upon being released they will receive medical treatment. After that, the children will be reunited with their families. Amnesty International said 149 children died in a detention center in 2016.


Japan deals with record rainfall
- Areas of western Japan are dealing with a record rainfall that has caused flooding and landslides. Over 100 people have died, and others are missing and don’t have electricity. Japanese weather officials said they’ve never experienced “this kind of rain before,” and rescuers are searching for survivors and bodies through mud. The town Motoyama received 23 inches of rain fall.

Nissan admits to altering emissions tests - Nissan admitted to making up data from car exhaust emissions tests at its Japanese factories. The company said its inspection reports were “based on altered measured values.” Nissan promised that “appropriate measures” would be taken in the future, and it also said it doesn’t know how may cars were part of the altered data. Following the announcement, Nissan’s shares fell by over 4.5 percent.


Train derails in Turkey
- Turkey Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag said a train derailed. The accident killed 24 people as the train was on its way to Istanbul from Kapikule, a town on the Bulgarian border. It is unknown what caused the accident, but Turkish authorities said bad weather and a landslide may have caused the accident. Russia media said Russian tourists were among those who were injured in the derailment.

UK foreign secretary resigns - Boris Johnson has resigned from his position as the UK’s Foreign Secretary. In his resignation letter, Johnson said Theresa May’s Brexit strategy is not working. Johnson wrote that the “dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt.” Johnson resigned only hours after Brexit’s Secretary David Davis left the cabinet.

Latin America

Blast kills over 20 people in Mexico
- Over 20 people in Mexico died and 40 others were injured when fireworks at a fireworks depot went off. The blast occurred at Tultepec, a town only 20 miles away from Mexico City. Among those who died in the blast were four firefighters and five policemen. Mexico’s interior minister Alejandro Ozuna called for an “exhaustive review” of the permits at the site of the blast.

Trump and Obrador speak - President Trump announced that he had a 30-minute phone conversation with Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The two discussed a handful of issues like trade, border security and the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump said he thinks his relationship with Obrador will be “a very good one.” Obrador tweeted that the conversation was “respectful.”

North America

Harvey Weinstein appears in court
- Film producer Harvey Weinstein appeared in court in New York on Monday, where he pleaded not guilty to a third sexual assault case. Weinstein is on a $1 million bail right now, and his lawyers said he has denied having non-consensual sex. Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment by over 70 women.

Former NBA player dies - Former NBA player Tyler Honeycutt died after a shootout with the Los Angeles Police Department. His mother said she called the police because Honeycutt was acting “erratically.” Police said Honeycutt died of a “self-inflected gunshot.” Honeycutt played for the Sacramento Kings, and was on contract with a Russian team.





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