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A week in review 08/01/18
Photo courtesy: U.S. Bureau of Econo

By Joseph Rios


Egypt sentences dozens to death Egypt has sentenced 75 people to death for their involvement in a spree of violence that took place in 2013 when President Mohammed Morsi was removed from his position. Amnesty International called the sentencing “grossly unfair.” Among those who were sentenced to death were leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that is banned in the country.

India to build new embassies in Africa - Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi said the country is planning to open 18 new embassies in Africa. He said the country wants to “intensify” its engagement with the area. One of the new projects that India wants to put into fruition is a Gandhi Heritage Centre to remember Mahatma Gandhi in Uganda. Gandhi lived in Africa for over 20 years.


China’s former Chief of Internet Regulation charged - Chinese media is reporting that Lu Wei, has been charged with taking bribes. Wei is accused of receiving property. He was one of China’s highest officials as he oversaw the department of online media regulation. Time Magazine once listed him as one of the 100 most influential people.

Thousands left without power in Japan - Thousands of people were left without power in their homes in western Japan due to a typhoon. The typhoon brought heavy rainfall, and winds gusted up to 110 mph. Officials have warned residents that the rain can cause landslides. The rainfall caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled, and at least 21 people were injured.


Taxi drivers strike in Spain - Taxi drivers in Spain are on strike against other ride services like Uber. They want Spain’s government to restrict the number of ride services available in the country. Taxi drivers have been camping out and blocking main roads in Madrid with their parked cars. Union representatives for taxi drivers say 130,000 jobs are at risk for taxi drivers in Spain.

Russia in the process of raising retirement age - Russia is currently in the midst of raising its retirement age, and protesters gathered in Moscow to demonstrate against the decision. Right now, the retirement ages in Russia are 60 for men and 55 for women. Russia is planning to raise the retirement ages to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. Protesters gathered outside a mayor’s office, and Russia’s upper house will review the new retirement ages.

Latin America

Protesters march in Nicaragua Thousands of protesters in Nicaragua gathered to march to support the Catholic Church. Nicaragua’s government has recently accused Catholic bishops of siding and encouraging people to protest. The church has been a mediator between protestors and Nicaragua’s government. Protests against Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega have been going on in the country since April.

Venezuelan opposition legislator flees country - Venezuelan opposition legislator Jose Manuel Olivares has fled the country. Olivares said in a letter that police told him, his wife and his brother that they’d be persecuted if he didn’t step away from politics. Olivares said he feared for his life and that his family’s well being is his main priority. Olivares plans to continue his fight to “bring food and medicine” to Venezuelans as the country deals with a crisis.

North America

U.S. economy grows - According to a report from the Commerce Department, the United States economy has grown at its fastest pace in almost four years. It has expanded at a rate of 4.1 percent, and that growth mainly came from consumer spending and a higher rate of exports. Exports have increased recently because firms are trying to beat new trade tariffs.

Cohen says Trump knew of Russian delegation meeting - According to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, Trump knew in advance of a meeting between his aides and a Russian delegation. The delegation offered to help Trump with his presidential campaign in June of 2016. Cohen says Trump’s oldest son told Trump about the meeting. Trump denied knowing of the meeting again, and Cohen said he is willing to talk to the special counsel investigation about his claim.





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