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A week in review 08/08/18
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By Joseph Rios


Ebola outbreak kills dozens in the Democratic Republic of Congo
- The World Health Organization announced that 33 people have died from ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization also reported that 43 other cases of ebola were reported, and 13 of them were confirmed. Among those who were also affected by the outbreak included three healthcare workers, and two of them died.

Nigeria launches app to fight human trafficking - Nigeria is working to fight human trafficking in the country through a new app called iReport. Nigeria has seen thousands of women and children trafficked illegally to places outside of the country like Europe. The app will allow citizens to alert authorities on human trafficking cases. According to the International Organization for Migration, 11,000 women arrived by sea in Italy in 2016, and 80 percent of women arriving from Nigeria to Europe, are potential victims of trafficking.


Tokyo considers adopting daylight saving time
- As Tokyo prepares for the 2020 Olympic Games, Japan is considering adopting daylight saving time next year. The country says doing so would help athletes compete in cooler temperatures by the time the games come around. The games will be held in late July and early August of 2020, and the weather during that time is Japan’s hottest and most humid months. Japan has resisted daylight saving in the past.

Indonesia island hit with earthquake - People on the Indonesian island of Lombok are struggling as the island was hit with a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. The quake left almost 100 people dead, and nearly 20,000 people have lost their homes. Indonesian president Joko Widodo is urging people to evacuate the area. The death toll from the quake is expected to rise, because there are hundreds of others are injured.


Fires costing jobs in Greece
- Greece’s prime minister’s office released a statement saying it is replacing its heads of the police force and fire brigade. The area has seen a crisis involving severe wildfires that have taken the lives of 90 people. The fires were started by arsonists, according to Greece’s government, and illegal construction has been blamed for blocking ways to escape the fires. In one area of the country, the bodies of 26 adults and children were found dead, and they all appeared to be hugging each other.

UK international trade secretary skeptical about Brexit deal - The United Kingdom’s international trade secretary Liam Fox said the country is likely to fail to reach a deal with the European Union. Fox blamed the “intransigence” of the European Commission. The deadline for the United Kingdom to reach a deal with the European Union is March 29 of next year. Fox said the chances of a failed deal are 60 percent, and he gave the country a 40 percent chance of reaching a deal.

Latin America

Chile to ban plastic bags
- Chile is prepared to become the first South American country to legally ban plastic bags after the country’s Congress approved the measure. Businesses in the country will have six months to stop using plastic bags. If a business were to break the rule, then they would face a fine of up to $370. Plastic pollution is negatively impacting marine life, and it affects the health of humans.

Venezuela halts alleged assassination attempt on president - Venezuelan interior minister Nestor Reverol said six people were arrested for an alleged assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro. Reverol alleged that the individuals loaded two drones with explosives, and then set them off at a military parade in Caracas. The interior minister blamed Colombia without providing any evidence, and Colombia said Reverol’s comments were “baseless.”

North America

Dozens killed from gun violence in Chicago over the weekend
- Over this past weekend, more than 60 people were killed due to gun violence in Chicago. The majority of the shootings took place in southern and western Chicago, and police say most of the shootings were gang related. Police are asking for people in the Chicago community to identify those who are inciting violence.

Trump ready to impose sanctions on Iran - President Donald Trump said the United States government is prepared to fully enforce sanctions on Iran. The sanctions will target things like Iran’s automotive sector and other things like the country’s trade in gold and metals. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the sanctions are an act of “psychological warfare.”





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