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A week in review 08/15/18
Photo courtesy: 60’s Girls Facebook - A person close to the iconic R&B/Gospel singer spoke anonymously Monday saying Aretha Franklin was gravely ill and under hospice care at her home in Chicago. Several friends including Stevie Wonder visited the ill singer on Tuesday.

By Joseph Rios


Hippo kills tourist in Kenya
- Kenya Wildlife Services shot and killed a hippo that killed a tourist at a resort. The hippo attacked a Taiwanese tourist by biting him in the chest when the tourist tried to take a photo. Eye witnesses in the area said the tourist came close to the hippo, and he had been tracking him. The attack marked the sixth time this year that someone has been killed by a hippo in the area.

Nigerian troops protest deployment - Nigerian troops are being redeployed close to the border of Niger to fight against Islamist militants. They protested against their redeployment by firing into the air at an airport. Local news agencies say the soldiers were shooting for nearly four hours, and the soldiers allegedly refused to board the plane.


South Korea President plans visit to North Korea
- South Korean President Moon Jae-in is planning to visit North Korea next month to meet with the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Jae-in has met with Kim Jong-un already twice this year, and it is believed that he will try to persuade North Korea to take more significant measures to remove its nuclear weapons program. The meeting will mark the first time in over ten years that a South Korean leader has visited North Korea.

Hospital catches fire in Taiwan - Taiwan officials are trying to determine what caused a hospital to catch on fire. The fire started on the seventh floor of the hospital, and at least nine people were killed. Media reports in the area suggest that the fire might have been started by an electrical fault in a moveable bed. Dozens of patients and three staff members were evacuated from the hospital at the time of the incident.


Stage collapses at Spanish festival
- Over 300 people were injured when a wooden platform collapsed at a sports and musical festival in Spain. The platform collapsed when a crowd was listening to an artist who was performing the first song of his set. The artist told the crowd to jump, and the platform quickly collapsed. Authorities say five people were left with serious injuries.

Norway fisheries minister resigns - Norway’s fisheries minister Per Sandberg has resigned from his position. He broke security protocol by going on a holiday trip to Iran with his girlfriend without telling the prime minister. Norway officials were concerned about Sandberg’s trip because he took his work phone with him, and it supposedly risked exposing him to Iran spies. Sandberg oversaw Norway’s seafood industry, and it’s the country’s second largest export.

Latin America

Bus carrying soccer fans overturns in Ecuador
- Some fans of an Ecuadorean soccer team on a bus returning from a game were killed and injured when the bus overturned. It is unknown how the bus overturned on the road, but at least 12 people were killed and 30 others were injured. Ecuador’s soccer association expressed empathy in a social media post. Law officials in Ecuador said the bus had passed a safety inspection in February.

Costa Rica Supreme Court says ban against gay marriage is unconstitutional - Costa Rica’s Supreme Court told the media that it has ruled that the country’s ban against gay marriage is unconstitutional and discriminatory. Judge Fernando Castillo said the ban will not legally exist for 18 months, giving time for the court to change the current law. President Carlos Alvarado, who won the presidential election in April, promised to defend same-sex rights, and he applauded the court’s ruling.

North America

FBI agent fired
- FBI agent Peter Strzok has been fired from the FBI after sending anti-Trump text messages to a colleague. Republicans have accused him of trying to prevent a Donald Trump election victory and for being biased. President Trump tweeted that the “list of bad players in the FBI & DOJ (Department of Justice) gets longer & longer.”

Charlottesville anniversary sparks protests - On the anniversary of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, white nationalists held a rally near the White House. An opposition rally took place nearby, where 400 people attended. Only 20-far right supporters attended the white nationalists rally. Police kept the two sides apart in order to avoid any violent incidents. Revisión Semanal





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