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A week in review 08/29/18
Photo Courtesy: Library of Congress

By Joseph Rios


May to return relic to South Africa
- Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has returned a World War One relic to South Africa. The gesture comes because a ship carrying over 600 South African sank in 1917. May will hand it off to President Cyril Ramaphosa in Cape Town. The ship sank when it accidentally encountered thick fog, and over 600 men drowned in the incident.

Soccer player says rat ate his foot in South Africa - Former soccer player Gary Mabbutt said a rate ate part of his foot while he was staying at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. His daughter works at the park, and he was in the area for a visit. He was forced to fly back to the United Kingdom to have surgery, and he spent a week in a hospital. Mabbutt has type I diabetes, and he has little feeling in his foot.


UN calls for Myanmar military figures to stand trial
- The United Nations released a report saying that certain military figures in Myanmar should be investigated for genocide in Rakhine against Rohingya Muslims. Over the past year, at least 700,000 Rohingya have fled violence in Myanmar. Among those who the United Nations named in its report was Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The report calls for the case to be seen by the International Criminal Court.

Japanese tourist freed in North Kroea - Tomoyuki Sugimoto was visiting North Korea, and he is thought to be a videographer. The Japanese man was detained for unknown reasons in North Korea, but the country has set him free. North Korea never said why he was detained, but it did say that he was breaking the law. North Korea keeps a tight eye on tourists when they visit the country. Japan said Sugimoto could’ve been filming a military operation.


Singer arrested in France
- Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred has been accused of rape, and he was arrested in southern France. He’s been on bail over another rape case that goes back to 2016, and he was arrested in 2010 due to another assault allegation. He is responsible for the most-viewed song by an Arab artist on YouTube, and prosecutors have described his case as “complex.”

World War II bomb found in Germany - Over 18,000 people were removed from Ludwigshafen, Germany when a World War II bomb was discovered. The bomb weighs over 1,000 pounds, and it was discovered by construction workers. People were ordered to evacuate so that the bomb could be defused, and it is believed that the bomb was dropped by U.S. forces during the war. There are still unexploded bombs in certain parts of Germany from a bombing campaign against the Nazis.

Latin America

Peru tightens entry requirements
- As Peru has tightened its entry requirements, hundreds of Venezuelans are requesting asylum in the country. Peru has made it a requirement for Venezuelans to have not only an identification card, but a passport if they want to enter the country. Venezuelans are fleeing their country due to significant shortages of food and medicine. Since 2014, over two million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela. Peru has one of the fastest growing economies in its region.

Costa Rica holds march to support migrants - After an anti-migrant demonstration occurred a week ago, people in Costa Rica gathered in San Jose to march in solidarity with Nicaraguan migrants who live in the country. The anti-migrant demonstration was condemned by the Costa Rican government, and people carried banners demanding justice for people who have been killed in anti-government protests in Nicaragua. Over 20,000 people from Nicaragua have looked to get refugee status in Costa Rica.

North America

Nine-year-old kills himself in Denver
- Jamel Myles, a nine-year-old child killed himself after suffering from homophobic bullying at a school in Denver, according to his mother. His mother said Jamel wanted to go to his school and tell his classmates he was gay, because he was “proud.” His body was found at his home, and he had just started in the fourth grade. Denver Public Schools has made crisis counselors available at Jamel’s school.





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