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A week in review 09/19/18
Photo courtesy: Pixaby

By Joseph Rios


Two hundred detained after protests in Ethiopia
- Protestors in Ethiopia took to the streets to demand an end to violence, and the protest forced many businesses to close. Police in the area detained around 200 people for violence that insured from the protest. At least 23 people were killed in the area, and police said extra security and operations have been sent to the area of the protests.

South Africa to offer another African language in schools - For the first time in South Africa, another African language will be offered in schools. The language, Kiswahili will be offered to students in an effort to bring Africans together. The language is the most spoken language in Africa besides English and Arabic. Other languages are already offered at South African schools like French, German and Mandarin.


U.S. to carry out more tariffs against China
- President Donald Trump has called for staff to carry out another round of tariffs on Chinese goods. The tariffs will affect around $200 billion worth of Chinese imports like electronic parts and consumer goods. United States stocks fell after the new broke out, and it is believed that some in Trump’s administration are trying to halt the trade war. Trump said the United States is under no pressure to reach a deal.

Landslides kill dozens in Philippines - Bodies buried by a landslide in the Philippines are being dug up by rescuers after a typhoon hit the area. At least 60 people were killed from the landslides that were created from heavy rain fall. Rescuers are searching for bodies with no hopes of finding survivors, but rather just to retrieve the bodies for families of the victims.


Pope calls for Catholic leaders to meet
- As the Catholic Church goes through a sexual abuse scandal, Pope Francis has called for top Catholic leaders to discuss the issue. Presidents of the Catholic bishops conferences from around the world will meet with the Pope this upcoming February. Last month, a grand jury in Pennsylvania released a 900-page investigative report saying that over 300 priests have abused more than 1,000 children since 1947.

Hungary in trouble with the European Parliament - The European Parliament recently voted to punish Hungary for its role in cracking down on democratic institutions. The move could lead to Hungary’s voting rights in the European Union being suspended. The European Union recently did something similar to Poland. The European Union has criticized Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban for a while due to his policies.

Latin America

Cuban president backs gay marriage
- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel backed same-sex marriage while on a televised interview. Diaz-Canel aid he allowing same-sex marriage is “part of eliminating any type of discrimination in society. Cuba is currently in the midst of updating its constitution, and it has marriage defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Disguised gunmen open fire in Mexico - Gunmen in Mexico City disguised themselves as mariachi musicians. They were at Plaza Garibaldi when they opened fire and killed five people and wounded eight others. Following the shooting, the gunmen hopped on motorbikes and fled the scene. Mexico experienced over 25,000 murders, and in 2006, the country declared war on organized crime. Plaza Garibaldi is home to the La Union drugs gang.

North America

Border agent confesses to murder
- U.S. border agent Juan David Ortiz has confessed to the murders of four women and the assault of another one. Ortiz was arrested in Texas after the assault victim told authorities what happened. The women were prostitutes, and police say Ortiz shot all four of them in the head. Police say Ortiz made a “voluntary verbal confession” to the murders and assault.

Coca-Cola in talks over possible marijuana-infused drink - Coca-Cola is in talks with Aurora Cannabis about creating a marijuana-infused drink. The point of the drink would be to relieve pain for its customers, and Coca-Cola said it is watching the cannabis drinks market. If Coca-Cola and Aurora were to partner, then it would be the first time a major manufacture of a non-alcoholic drink company dove into the marijuana business.





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