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The emerging power of the woman
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

Hillary Clinton came to Denver this past weekend and spent some time at Ken Salazar’s home on Sunday. Her appearance brings to mind the growing political power women have earned, especially in the last four decades.

The 2016 presidential election is still fresh in the minds of many people because the “what if” factor is still alive. It was her election to lose and she did just that.

Much of the controversy surrounding Trump’s win and Clinton’s loss has been part of extensive conversations and analysis. Her loss however, does not hide the fact that women have powered into another level of influence in the political affairs of the country.

The test of that increasing power is very evident in the formulations, plans and candidacies for the mid-term elections this year that feature so many women. Another more immediate test is the appearance before a congressional committee this week of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who is scheduled to testify about her teenage experience as a sexual assault victim at the hands of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a candidate for the United States Supreme Court.

The extent of her credibility on this matter versus that of Judge Kavanaugh represents, in effect, a significant circumstance that gauges women’s progress toward equality in American life. Regardless of the outcome of the nomination however, the Feminine Principle is on the march toward a more robust presence in our culture.

Many Millennials have expressed concern about their ability as a new majority to project leadership qualities necessary to continue the historical dynamism of a forward-looking nation. My advise has been for Millennials to look to our women for models of leadership because they are maturing in this area at the same time that demographics is closing the books on one generation (Boomers) and starting a new story on another (Millennials).

To be sure, generational cycles have been part of human cultures since their beginning. The rise and fall of civilizations themselves are also part of our cultural evolution around the world.

These cycles can be predictable as the life of a civilization is very much like the life of an individual, where birth in both cases begins with the generation of conceptual opposites such as “light and darkness.” The degree to which we become “civilized” depends not only on the complexities we create around opposite concepts, but also on our nostalgic desire to bring those opposites together again, even if it is just for a moment of bliss.

It just so happens that the most important construct in the “opposite” nature of a civilization is man (Masculine Principle) and woman (Feminine Principle). These two most powerful Principles were placed in opposite halves of the circle of life.

In building a civilization, the Masculine defined itself as part of the historical light of the day and the Feminine was relegated to the spiritual darkness of the night. But what happens when the Feminine Principle generates its exit from the darkness where it was placed and manifests itself as a most powerful and transformative force in the historical light?

We are fortunate to live in a very difficult as well as a very exciting time. We are witnessing a gigantic transformation of a major construct fundamental to every civilization including our own.

Women in our society began their private and public journey to secure equality in every respect. They stand to gain that and much more as the need to regenerate a society that has become decadent and corrupt cries for change.





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