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Local family provides ‘A Cake Occasion’
La Voz Staff Photo

By Joshua Pilkington

Hispanic Heritage Series

Part II of V

Cake. In simple terms, a sweet variation of bread that has been around for centuries. It has made appearances at international events like royal weddings and coronations, while also being the centerpiece of even the humblest of birthdays. Though nothing more than flour, water, eggs, sugar, oil and baking powder mixed together, cake, has withstood the test of food trends and dessert competition to remain a staple of societal celebrations.

For many cake is the epicenter of an event. A delectable treat around which guests gather at the culmination of a celebration. Birthday parties, weddings, engagements, baby showers, graduations, new jobs, new homes - really no occasion in life can’t be brightened up with cake.

Founded in 1993 and in its 25th year, A Cake Occasion gets that. Which is why their simple mixtures are not just cause for celebration, but blank canvases for creating art.

Customers of A Cake Occasion rave about the family-owned business regularly. A visit to the shop’s Facebook page is proof of that.

“We had a wonderful experience with A Cake Occasion,” wrote Brittany Schoer recently. “They were super easy to work with and the cake is super moist and delicious! We had cupcakes and a small cutting cake made for our wedding. They were very flexible with us when we called to adjust numbers after we had all our RSVP’s. They were also the most reasonably priced out of everyone I looked at. I love supporting a small, local company.”

The brainchild of the Rivera family, Sonya (Rivera) Sailas and Jason Sailas, A Cake Occasion has been wowing guests with custom-made cakes for 25 years. Some of the more eye-grabbing designs include a KISS cake with the four members of the band manning their respective instruments in celebration of a birthday; a Megalodon opening its jaws to consume a horrified sea turtle; and a two-layer geode complete with a golden fissure and quartz and amethyst crystals.

“I can’t say enough good things about it,” Sarah Anderson wrote on Facebook about the cake she purchased. “The cake we ordered for a baby shower wasn’t only exact to the picture but tasted absolutely amazing. All of our guests were commenting on how great the cake was and where we got it. Also very affordable and friendly staff. I for one have found a bakery for every future event. Great job!”

Owner Sonya (Rivera) Sailas offers, “We offer great quality, have repeat customers and new customers through word of mouth. We customize your cake visions and bring them to life.”

Though cakes are the speciality and, certainly, the most attention-grabbing commodities prepared and sold at A Cake Occasion, the bakery also specializes in cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other pastries. Open from Tuesday through Saturday, the bakery makes up for its lack of size with its exclusivity and has been known to go the extra mile for its customers.

“I purchased a special order cake for my mother’s 80th birthday,” wrote Krisie Foster Boothe. “It was a Singer sewing machine that stood about a foot and a half high. It was decorated with a quilt, spools of thread, measuring tape, scissors and a unique chicken pin cushion that they copied from a picture. This cake had to travel two hours by car. A Cake Occasion took that into consideration and designed it to travel. It made the trip without problem. The cake itself was moist and fluffy. The sewing machine was constructed from rice crispy treats which were also tender and delicious. I am so grateful to A Cake Occasion for making my mother’s 80th birthday something she will never forget.”

A Cake Occasion is located on 3901 E 112th Ave in Thornton. It is open Tuesday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. For more information call 303-451-7717 or visit





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