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Two losses in critical games on Monday
Photo courtesy: Denver Broncos/Gabriel Chistus

By Brandon Rivera

On Monday, the Mile High City got a pretty heavy dose of critical game-day sports with the Colorado Rockies battling for their first pennant win in the division while the Denver Broncos played the AFC West’s top team for a chance at first place in their division. The result was a city full of disappointment.

While neither team’s loss means the end, it is a hard pill to swallow considering both teams were positioned to create a much different outcome. The Rockies traveled to L.A. after wrapping up their series with the Nationals late last week, and the game was a quick turnaround. Colorado put their Ace, German Marquez on the mound to face the Dodgers sluggers. L.A. responded by placing their young Ace Walker Buehler on the mound. The result was three scoreless innings before L.A. blasted a two-run homer in the fourth to give them the lead.

At the end of nine, the Dodger’s added three more runs on 9 hits while the Rockies chalked up two of their own in the ninth to prevent a shutout.

While that game wrapped up, fans in the Mile High geared up for their second divisional game while the Denver Broncos took to the field for Monday Night Football. The Broncos, with newly acquired quarterback Case Keenum have been a difficult team to gauge thus far, and many thought this game would either make them or break them. In the end, Monday night’s game has created more questions than answers, however, because the Broncos kept pace with a team (led most of the game), who critics thought would mow down, it’s clear Denver is a work in progress that fans should be patient about, because they didn’t get mowed down, but put up one heck of a fight at home.

Despite losses from both teams, they still have an opportunity to save face and elate fans. At the time of this writing the Colorado Rockies have made their way to Chicago to play a single playoff game with the Cubs. Although this seems a disadvantage to Colorado having had to travel to L.A. and on to Chicago over a three-day span, some may find comfort in the fact that Colorado has more wins at Wrigley Field over the Cubs than at home.

In other sports the Denver Nuggets played their first preseason game with the Lebron James led L.A. Lakers. The Denver Nuggets’ offense looked phenomenal scoring 66 points in the first half and 58 in the second. The Nuggets outscored the Lakers in all but the third quarter. The Nuggets have three remaining preseason games against the L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers and the Chicago Bulls before they kick off the 2018-2019 regular season with the L.A. Clippers on Wednesday, October 17.





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