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A week in review 10/17/18
Photo courtesy:

By Joseph Rios


Migrants crossing into Angola at fast rate
- Angola says 180,000 Congolese migrants have crossed the border into the country since the beginning of the month. Congolese migrants have come into Angola for years to dig for diamonds. The Democratic Republic of Congo expects that it has seen more migrants than Angola. Congolese migrants say they have been kicked out Angola, despite having documentation to live in the country.

Kenyan TV anchor accused of murder - Kenyan TV anchor Jacque Maribe and her fiancé are accused of killing a businesswoman. The woman’s body was found in a bathtub with her hands tied behind her back last month. The couple pleaded not guilty to the businesswoman’s murder. Maribe has been ordered to go through a psychiatric evaluation. The evaluation will determine if she is fit enough to stand trial.


Flight attendant falls off plane in India
- Air India, India’s largest national carrier, says a flight attendant has been injured after falling out the door of an airplane at the Mumbai Airport in the country. The flight attendant was preparing to board the plane when she fell. She suffered a fracture and other injuries, and the carrier said it is investigating the incident. The carrier recently had another incident occur when one of its planes hit an airport wall during takeoff.

Chinese streamer arrested for “insulting” anthem - Chinese live-streaming performer Yang Kaili has been arrested for “insulting” the country’s national anthem. She has millions of followers, and sang the anthem on camera while waving her arms. China began to enforce a law last year that allows authorities to detain anyone who disrespects the anthem for up to 15 days. Kaili apologized for not singing the anthem seriously, and she said she is planning to halt her live-streaming.


Hungary introduces sleeping rough law
- Hungary has brought in a new sleeping rough law that will halt people from living on the streets. Police will be allowed to remove those who live on the streets in public spaces as a way to protect the interests of society. The United Nations called the new law cruel and said that it goes against human rights. United Nations housing expert Leilani Farha called the law “cruel and incompatible with international human rights law” earlier this past summer.

Flash floods hitting southern France hard - Flash floods in southern France have killed at least ten people, including a nun. The area has seen months’ worth of rain fall occur in just a few hours. Roads are blocked in some areas, and some people have been evacuated from the air, because it is too dangerous to use a boat. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said 700 emergency service workers have been deployed to help the area.

Latin America

Nicaragua detains dozens of protesters
- Police in Nicaragua detained 38 people in the capital of Managua after police warned it would not allow unauthorized protests to be carried out. Protests have turned deadly since April as demonstrators have demanded for President Daniel Ortega to resign. Ortega has been accused of restricting Nicaraguans of their freedoms, and he said protesters were marching “not for peace, but for blood.” Police threw stun bombs and tear gas at protesters.

Hate crimes on the rise in Brazil - Accusations of hate crimes have started to rise in Brazil as tension ahead of the country’s elections continues to intensify. One woman allegedly had a swastika carved into her body by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right candidate. Bolsonaro said the attack was isolated, and at least 60 physical attacks have been reported on journalists. Critics of Bolsonaro say his language and reputation incites violence in his supporters.

North America

Sears Roebuck files for bankruptcy
- The U.S. department store Sears Roebuck has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has had a hard time keeping up with online companies, and it is in debt by more than $5 billion. The company once had over 3,000 stores, and only five years ago, it employed 246,000 people. Now, it only employs 90,000 people in the country.

Trump comments on climate change scientists - In an interview, President Donald Trump said climate change scientists have a “political agenda.” Climate scientists issued another plea to do something about rising temperatures recently, and the world’s leading scientists agree that climate change is happening, because of humans. Trump also said that he doesn’t believe climate change is manmade, and he called it a “hoax.”





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