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Acting on belief in Latino destiny
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

As we exit Latino Heritage Month, there is an opportunity to take time to assess the epic journey that has characterized a people that because of faith in their destiny have overcome so much. The latest political challenge is but another series of obstacles that they have become used to facing.

It is in the grand design of destiny that when a community is threatened with dissolution, there appears on the horizon a force that will bring a new day. America is in trouble and it is the regenerative power of a people on the way up that offers a new beginning.

Latinos are on the right side of history as they stand to offer a new start for a nation that is threatened with loss of world leadership and internal unity. Latinos also stand to act on faith in their destiny that can overcome the decadence that torments our country and the Western world.

The journey of the Latino community began as an outcast of two civilizations that did not recognize them as deserving of space in the same world where they were created. That beginning has led so far to a 506-year journey of time and distance to overcome displacement, injustice, loss of land and most of all, a journey to have its identity recognized as uniquely American.

Luke 8:43-49, Mark 5:25-34 and Matthew 9:20-22 in the Holly Bible tell the story of a woman that was suffering from constant bleeding and believed that if she just touched Jesus’ garment without bothering him she would be healed. Struggling to navigate a large crowd she was able to get close enough to touch his robe.

Jesus did notice and healed the illness before sending the woman on her way. The story is another illustration of the power of faith.

In this case however, the woman acted on her faith rather than wait for God to find her. Her experience is that of an affirmative journey that exercised faith to overcome obstacles of distance, crowd congestion and most of all, the Jewish notion of uncleanliness attached to a woman in constant menstruation.

Just like that of the woman in the New Testament, the Latino experience is a journey of faith reserve for those that are ascending in a time when the reigning civilization is on the downward spiral of decadence. Because of their unique place in history, the Latino community offers the potential of regeneration for a world approaching the end of its cultural cycle.

That potential can only be realized with an affirmative movement of the community toward a new America. This begins with an enduring love for a country even though it has taken part in a history of diminishing Latino citizens and immigrants.

Love of country with faith in destiny provides the basis for a transformative future that can also become the launching point for new leadership. Latino leadership has the advantage of centuries of experience overcoming sometimes impossible odds that no doubt will also be a significant part of what is to come.

The secret to Latino success over the centuries has been the will to constantly move upward and outward in a relentless pace both partisan and non-partisan. Beginning as the lowest of human life forms in the Western Hemisphere, Latinos rose over the centuries to become the emerging face of all of the Americas.

As we leave this year’s Latino heritage celebrations there should be a sobering awareness that the biggest challenge of leadership is on its way.





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