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A week in review 10/31/18
Photo courtesy: Broward County Sheriffs

By Joseph Rios


Suicide bomber attacks Tunisia
- Police are investigating a possible terrorist attack in Tunisia. The attack occurred when a woman blew herself up. The blast injured at least nine people, and the woman did not have any known militant background. The attack occurred near the French Embassy, and it is believed that a police checkpoint was the targeted area of the attack. The country has been under a state of emergency for three years after a suicide bomber targeted security agents on a bus for presidential guards.

Dogs have been trained to detect malaria - Scientists in areas including the United Kingdom and Gambia say they have trained dogs to sniff out malaria. Scientists used clothes from people who had the disease to train the dogs, and they hope their new discovery will help with stopping malaria from spreading. The research is in its early stages, but scientists believe the dogs can help create new ways to test for the disease.


India TV banned in Pakistan
- Pakistanís Supreme Court announced that it will once again impose a ban on Indian TV channels. The court said India is damming rivers that flow into Pakistan, and it believes that those dams can be used as a weapon. India denied that idea, and Pakistan has previously banned Indian TV channels and films in response to rising tensions. The Supreme Court said India is shrinking the flow of water into Pakistan.

Indonesia jet crashes - An Indonesian jet that was carrying 189 people crashed a little bit after it took off. According to technical logs, the jet was having problems the day before it took off, and there are no signs of survivors. Rescuers have discovered some bodies and personal items, and families are being asked to go to a hospital to identify victims. Authorities lost contact of the jet only 13 minutes into the flight.


German chancellor preparing to step down
- Angela Merkel, Germanyís chancellor, announced that she plans to step down from her position in 2021. Merkel also recently announced that she will not seek to be reelected as her party, centre-right CDUís leader. The party was weakened recently, and other parties like the left-leaning Greens and a far-right party have grown in popularity. Merkel said she takes full responsibility for the weakening of her political party.

Pollution levels are high in EU countries - The European Environment Agency warned that air pollution is causing over 500,000 premature deaths in Europe each year. Pollution levels are improving in EU countries, but those level remain higher than World Health Organization standards. The European Environment Agency based the study off data from 2015 from over 2,500 sites. The air quality has more of an impact on health than it does in China and India.

Latin America

Brazil elects new president
- Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician, has won Brazilís presidential election. Bolsonaro served as an army captain, and he won a little bit over 55 percent of the vote. Bolsonaro has sworn to fight crime and corruption, but he has made controversial remarks regarding race, homosexuality and women. Trump went to Twitter to praise Bolsonaroís victory.

Tropical storm set to hit Mexico - Tropical storm Willa has moved its way to Mexicoís Pacific coast. The area has seen rain fall at a rapid rate, and the U.S. National Hurricane Center warned of lite-threatening flash flooding and landslides. The storm is categorized as a category three hurricane, and some residents have already had to seek shelter. Certain areas of Mexico Beach have been compared to a war zone after the storm hit the area.

North America

U.S. to send troops to Mexican border
- The United States is preparing to halt thousands of Central American migrants by sending over 5,000 troops to the border of Mexico. Trump said the migrants would have U.S. military members waiting for them at the border. The deployment of troops is being referred to as Operation Faithful Patriot, and it is mainly focused on Texas, Arizona and California.

Anti-Semetic attack leaves 11 dead in Pittsburgh - Over the weekend 11 people died in Pittsburgh in an anti-Semitic attack. The attack is considered to be the worst anti-Semetic attack in U.S. history, and Jewish leaders are calling on President Trump to denounce White Nationalism in a letter. The letter said Trump is not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces White Nationalism. The White House said Trump isnít responsible for the attack.





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