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Part I of V*

She has salsa danced with Bill Clinton, worked successfully with Federico Peña and John Hickenlooper, and is the co-founder of the Latina First Fo...]]>
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El Mundo A week in review 09/19/18
Two hundred detained after protests in Ethiopia* - Protestors in Ethiopia took to the streets to demand an end to violence, and the protest forced many businesses to close. Police in t...]]>
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Of Special Interest Week Of Special Interest 09/19/18
The prestigious Harvard Law held a Harvard Law School’s Celebration 65 (65 years of women at Harvard Law) on Friday, Sept. 14 - Satur...]]>
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In a 2013 study published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, statistics showed that less than three percent of Americans met the basic qualifications for a healthy lifestyle. Several...]]>
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La Voz Special Editions Zero Hunger, Zero Waste shoots for the moon
“Zero Hunger, Zero Waste is our bold pl...]]>
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La Voz Special Editions Changing the landscape of Mexican Independence Day Wed, 12 Sep 2018 14:15:15 -0400 La Voz Special Editions A week in review 09/12/18
Tanzania president call for end to birth control* - Tanzania President John Magufuli said that women should stop taking birth control pills, because the country needs more people. Women...]]>
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La Voz Special Editions What to know about hearing loss Wed, 12 Sep 2018 13:59:40 -0400 La Voz Special Editions Week Of Special Interest 09/12/18
Staying connected to local resources and emergency services can improve and possibly save many lives, say state regulators. Access to local emergency services and commun...]]>
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